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Hey why have to always talk anxiety. Something different for a change. There comes those moments we might like to chill a bit. Some people might like art. Others gaming. We might have a few writers amongst us. So we can dedicate this thread to those other things we do in life. Just to show other people that we all have skills of one sort or another. I would also be curious to know if anybody took up any sort of hobby to go with their lifestyle? Like I took up Astronomy for years. Something I could do alone in my own back garden at night. Gave up a long time ago now. Got too cold out there. Plus I'm a big wuss. ( LOL ) So let us know what exactly you do when you need to occupy your mind. And for jasus sake, keep it clean Barfer. ( LOL )
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Forgive any typos, I'm eating as a type.
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Oh MrGreen, you just spoiled all my fun!  Truly folks, I don't have any weird hobbies, at least they don't seem weird to me!  LOL

One interest that I do have and feel comfortable doing outside of my home is badminton.  I've been playing for many years (not that I am very good at it) but it is an activity that I really enjoy and it gets me out of my house.  You'll get a kick out of this MrGreen, we play at a church...So I can say that I do go to church without fibbing even though it is on a Tuesday and only to play badminton.

I live in a condominium with a pool and I enjoy swimming when there is no one else around (wouldn't want to scare anyone seeing me in a bathing suit, not a pretty sight).  This year, I bought myself a bike which was a huge step for me.  I hadn't been on one in 40 years!  I don't ride on the streets with it but there is a great path behind my condo and I ride on it or in the cemetery close by.  The cemetery is a great place to ride besides the beautiful scenery, it is, for obvious reasons, very quite and uncongested.  The bike riding has been really great therapy for me as it gets me out of my house and if I get panicky, I can get home fairly quickly.  

As far as things I like to do when at home, I have found a good site of jigsaw puzzles and I do those daily and I also, like sudoku.

What about the rest of you?  Let's hear what you like to do to occupy your mind.

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I HATE PUZZLES!   LOL.....And I know why.  I can't do them.  I've tried, but all they do is frustrate me. So, Barfer, I admire anyone who can actually solve them.  

I used to do cross stitching, but that had to do with my anxiety, because it calmed my mind and distracted me from feeling anxious.
Then I took up painting, and did quite a bit of that, until I got burned out on it.  
I haven't painted in quite awhile.  

Geez, I don't think I have any hobbies right now.  
Do you think I'm boring and I just don't know it?  LOL
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I am into pyrogrophy. What on eart is that, I hear you all say. Well an artists draws on a canvas. I burn images on wood. Using a wood burning pencil. It can get a bit smokey to say the least. Plus you can taste that burning feeling off you for a few days after you do a piece. Steady hand is something you need. Big time. But it's an unusual hobby to say the least. Most people never heard of it before.

I love model building. Be it mecanno or airfix. It doesn't bother me. I find it passes hours away. Mainly work with mecanno. Couple of thousand pieces. But I was amazed to find loads of sites online for mecanno builders. Some of the things they make actually work. Like steam engines. I was really amazed at what those nerds made.

Crosswords and various other types of puzzles are always at hand in this house. Can't resist them. Big gamer too. PS2 and the likes. Just to fill the hours up.

Then my scanning hobby. Listening to the airways. Great at night. Knocks me out. But you get to hear all the action first. Shootings, stabbings and the likes. Never a dull night with a scanner. I have two of them.

That's all folks.
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I enjoy painting, fishing (when I can get out), baking/cooking, movies, puzzles, I'm a fellow gamer too PS2 not hard core but like MrGreen said "just to fill the hours up". I would like to sew if I only knew how! It kinda frustrates me though lol. I enjoy gardening, love to pass a football. I like to do renovation type work too. Yep... that about sounds like me. :)
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I'm interested in amateur Astronomy myself :) Unfortunately, i no longer have a telescope (my ex took it with him), but still have pair of binoculars. I keep checking which planets are visible from where i live (and there is a very good place to watch the skies not far from where i live, almost completely dark, but also not so scary because it's right next to the Metropolitan LOL), i used to read loads of stuff on stars - guess MrGreen has just reminded me of this passion, and i'm going to take out my astronomy books and browse through them again :)
Mind you, i'm not in a least bit specialist in recognising constellations, especially the summer ones! OK, i know where Vega is - but i guess everyone knows where it is located;)

I also love observing my animals - having 2 puppies now and 2 older cats give me a lot of opportunity to see how they behave towards each other.

BTW, i don't know if you've read  that one of the puppies had an operation last week. Well, we went to the vets' today, and she seems to be healing OK. But it's going to be a long process.

What else do i like? DOuglas Adams. Both him as a magnificent writer and an extraordinary person. RIght now i'm re-reading for the umpteenth time my favourite "The restaurant at the Universe".
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Used to own an 8 3/4 inch reflector scope Wolf. But sadly the stars began to fade from the sky arounnd here the more they built. Too many street lights. Blocks out the night sky. Knew the sky inside out once upon a time. But the telescope was too big for the house. So I had to sell it. But in a good dark area it is amazing what you can see with the naked eye alone. I recall viewing a comet one year. Then came a sighting that was amazing. A triangle shaped object. Now I am not one who jumps to conclusions like ufo nuts. I contacted Astronomy Ireland. Turned out to be three US military satilites, and only the second ever reported sighting of them in Ireland. Luck of the draw really. But a spot and a half. Still have astronomy programme on computer here. I do get asked about objects in the sky from time to time. Jupiter mainly. Using binoculars you can still show people some interesting things in the sky. Our nearest neighbouring galaxy. Very easy to find. The horsehead nebula as well in Orion. Makes you sound intelligent when you speak astronomy and scratch your beard. LMAO. Shame you can't grow a beard wolf. LOL.
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Hearing what interests everyone is really helpful in getting too know you all. Let's see hobbies...hmmm...well I make dog bandanas and clothing and donate proceeds to breast cancer, I love crossword puzzles and word games, I love to swim and now have to go join the YMCA so I can swim in the winter....what else???? Can't remember...lol...
If I remember (thanks Chemo Brain) I will write back...oh yeah....I love to write as I started a book 4 years ago and put it down so 3 years later I am starting to finish it.
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You think maybe we should start a poetry or short story thread? Anybody else like writing at all? Let us know. I always imagine that people like ourselves are creative. I may be wrong. But I just find words are something that we put down on paper a lot easier than most people.
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I am into photography, gardening (love growing my own veggies), sewing, and other crafts.  
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