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How long does it take for medication to work?

I was recently diagnosed with Panic disorder and Agrophobia. I've been living and struggling through this since I was a teenanger. I have an appointment the first of next month to hopefully get on some medication. I am in therepy but I don't feel like I am moving forward very much. I am a mother and am hoping that the medication helps. I feel sorry for my son and husband for having to put up with me when i'm going through bad spells. I'm tired of being so dependant upon other people to leave my home and go any where. I don't want my son to have this same problem. So my question is does medication really help? How long does it take before it starts working? And how do you get over the fear of medication?
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I'm sure everyone's experiences are different in one way or another.  Most people fear the medications for them, at least in the beginning, and perhaps for good reason.  They alter your brain chemistry and that can be different then other medications you've experienced.
However, try to look at it the same way you would if your doc told you you had diabetes and HAD to take insulin.  Or some other similiar medical disorder.  Yes it's scary but many people do it and, well, what other options do you have?
In reality there is very little to fear from these medications other then that they might not help you.  You may have to try different ones until you find the right one.  But you may very well be helped immediately and wonder why you waited so long to try them.
Remember they alter your brain chemistry so some effects will happen but they will mostly all subside after the first week or so.
For me, I'd certainly be dead 25+ years ago without them.  Would I prefer to not need them and get along without them?  Of course!  But that's a preference I really don't have.
It's a choice we all really have to make for ourselves.  The point I'm making I guess is that the choice about taking this medicine should be no different then the one to take insulin if you have diabetes.   And, do you really want to continue living with the symptoms that interfere with your life if you really don't have to. What's to lose in trying?
We understand what your going thru..we have all gone thru it.
I'm sure you'll make the decision that's best for you for only you know what you are going thru and will have to live with the decision.
Let us know how you make out and God Bless!
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As was said above, medication can be a hit a miss thing. You might find the right one straight away. It may take a few goes. I've lost count of the number I have been on. If there is one thing I would say not to do, it would be to not believe everything you read about medication. They give you leaflets with it. Warnings of this and that. The same thing is on every form of medication. It is something they have to write. To save any law suits and the likes. So they put about every possible side effect under the sun on the leaflet. If you were to read them all it would frighten you a bit. Trust me, most of what is on the leaflet you will feel none of at all. I am on four types of medication at the moment and have zero side effects. Others might experience some side effects on the same tablets. We all differ. But the last change I had I just popped the pills and didn't ask any questions at all. And trust me when I say I hate medication. But I know I need it. I can't swallow tablets even. I have to crush them. One is a sollutab. Disolves on the tongue. The time frame for working depends on the medication. From instant to a month. Some need to get into your system before the begin to do their job the right way. That can take 4 to 6 weeks. Others can be instant. Just a case of getting used to them. You will no doubt have a shakey start. That is normal. Feeling really chilled or whatever. Then the doses can vary too. May take a few attempts to find the right dose for you. Tablets is part of the answer. They give us a platform to begin working on. Theraphy and hands on work make up the rest of the fight back. Getting back out there. Getting your life back. If you read any of my other posts in the other threads there is a lot of detail about how we get back out there. Not a case of just popping a pill and running straight out the door. Little bit more to it than that. If only it was that easy. But take things one step at a time. Posting on this forum is one of the steps. Sharing your story with like minded people. Well done for doing that. Just stick with us. Let us know what is going on. And we try and help you as best we can.
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Thank you both for your information and advice. It makes me feel better it coming from people that know fist hand what I'm going through. Sometimes I feel very isolated because there isn't anyone I know dealing with the same issues. You both have given me some great insight and helped me to recognize that medication can be a great asset in overcoming this. This is the first time I have been brave enough to post. I've been on many of these types of forums before and never posted. Here I feel like everyone is kind and understanding and really supportive of each other.
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I am hopeful you end up ok  but I too have agoraphobia ( I could't go out by myself or in big groups or stand infront of class or even go to class sometimes, failed out of school all on a missed diagnosis )

I recently got xanax adderall ( for adhd add combo as well )  but the xanax really just stops my panic attacks and some of my anxiety .

I am what the others were talking about , I feared the meds like paxil  effexor ( spelling?)  and others  so I never gave them a shot as the 1st day I wouldn't feel good on them and stop taking them , my excuse still is  shouldn't a pill heal me immediately ?  .. that answer is no it's meant to heal but like they said  they change your brains chemistry/chemicals interactions   .

I have never seen it work but I don't know to many people with this disorder and I still suffer  ( worse now than ever)  

I hope you do this I know I sound hypocritical of course  but you made the move and seem like you have more push behind you  more drive for a cure to this , with that and a pill and maybe a xanax incase just at the start  you should over come  and I really hope you do  good luck .
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I know what you mean by not knowing anyone with this disorder it can be very lonely.
When I was a teenager I started having trouble with it my house parents thought I was faking it. Of course then I had never heard of panic disorder I hadn't developed agoraphobia yet. But for years it really messed me up I felt like I was dieing but because they had told me so many times that there was nothing wrong with me I started to believe them. I went on for several years thinking I just must be crazy. Till finally I heard something about panic attacks and I knew that had to be it. It took me a long time to get help. I'm still just in the first steps of it. I just keep fighting knowing that I have to beat this and I will do what ever it takes. I hope you find what works for you never give up hope!!
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Are your sure your anxiety is an emotional problem? Have your adrenals ever been tested? Adrenal insufficiency can cause anxiety and panic attacks. I know because it happened to me.
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By the way, if it is an adrenal problem, there is medication for it - and it works.
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No I've never really gone to a regular Dr. about it. I have a lot of shame about this disorder. That is something to think about though. Thank you for you suggestions!

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I have asked every doctor I had seen above this fight or flight syndrome and how it relates to the adrenal gland but they have all said it does not make sense to them.  I have dealt with this disorder for soooo long . . .  It would be an absolute miracle if I could think I might be able to live again!  I've lost friends and family and feel so alone.  My psychiatrist told me that if I really had agoraphobia that I couldn't have made it to his office.  (How could I get meds otherwise?)  My therapist told me to get outside and go to different store, restaurant, etc. every day.  I tried and was a real mess.  I'm still seeing her, but I dread going.  NO help at all.
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I am sorry your psychiatrist is so stupid.  I also have agoraphobia.  When I have to go somewhere alone, I manage to- but I am not happy with it.  I get nervous.  I get nauseous, sometimes have headaches, and sometimes get dizzy and/or my balance problems get worse.  Actually, those all usually happen.  And If I don't need to, I don't- I have someone go with me- and driving for me if possible- and if not then I just don't go.  I just came home from a weekly sporting event I used to attend.  This time I actually managed to stay awhile, before the nausea and uneasiness got me to leave.  I developed this in January, and though I am no longer having constant panic attacks the constant anxiety, fear, and unease isn't going away.  I am not sure how long I can keep my job like this, and I also wonder when it will get well enough that I can live a normal life.  I am taking all the meds as prescribed, but they are only doing so much to counter the anxiety and depression.  (I also have major depressive disorder, and I've had that since I was 12- I'm 29 now.)  I'm even still suicidal, from time to time, and extreme anxiety either makes me go suicidal or causes such fatigue I oversleep and am late for work.  I hate this.  When will this get better?
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