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Pregnancy and Anxiety Disorder

I have been suffering from anxiety disorder / agoraphobia for more than ten years. I can say the illness is now controlled since I`m back to a normal life: it is being a while that I am back to work and I can travel alone again as I used to do it before I had my first crisis episode. Though I am still under medication. It is not the same that I used to take at the beginning of the crisis, neither the names nor the quantities which used to be a lot.
My husband and I are planning to have a baby but I feel afraid for how my medication might affect the health condition of the baby =( and I would like to know how harmful they could be.
These are the names of the pills I am currently taking: Sulbutiamina 200mg and Citalopram 20mg (both once a day during breakfast); Clonazepan 0,5mg (one at night before going to bed).
I would like to know how harmful this medication might be to the baby.

Thanks for your comments

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I'm glad that you brought this up becasue My husband and I are trying to get pregnant right now to. Since last November I been weening myself off of my medication which I took 40 ml of Celexa and now I am down to 10 ml once a day before bed. I had been researching this for awhile online and it say's all different type's of things. Birth defects such as long term lung problems. That really worried me so that's why I am getting off the meds plus the My Dr. and therapist also said that It would be the best thing for the baby during pregnancy.
Since I have been weening myself off the medication It's been really hard my anxiety is at a high and I really don't sleep well at night anymore. So I been doing alot of reading just trying to focus.
I Wish You the Best Of Luck
Just talk to your doctor about it . I feel that I can't even stop taking the 10 ml because I'm afraid that my anxiety will be to horrible. So i still am talking to my Dr. about how bad the 10 ml will be during my pregnancy when I do get pregnant.
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As a male it is not something I am an expert on. I only know about Benzos. That they have an effect on the breast milk. It can be in the breast milk. That is something I would check out too. So you are not breast feeding a baby whatever the benzos place in the milk. But go to any search engine and write in the name of your medication. You should find the makers site and information on these sites.
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Im currently 16 weeks pregnant. i was on setraline for my anxiety but after getting pregnant i developed a weak stomach and now cant take tablets without throwing them straight back up. in fact just writing that is making me urge. anyway i was forced to stop my medication and have now become extremely agrophobic. i decided to become pregnant when i was on the meds as i was able to go out with my husband or mum in car but couldnt go anywhere by myself. i thought this would be ok as when i was having the baby i wouldnt be on my own they would be there. now im really struggling. i had a terrible experiance at hospital when i had my first child. i suffered only mild anxiety then but the nurses in the ward were horrible and made me feel like a drama queen because i couldbt cope. now im scared about going into hospital because i fear being left unsjpported with my anxiety when my husband and mum and turfed out the hospital. i have become very depressed and can feel myself spiralling at a loss what to do?
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I am taking Celexa 20 mg. Here is what happened, I was confined to one room/my apartment and got short of breath during showering, cooking, eating, sex, and going out of my apartment. Agoraphobia lasted for about two weeks and a half, got cured after my Celexa kicked in after taking it for two weeks.
I have a long history of anxiety and taking medication for it. But I relapsed again in early 2012, 6 months after I stopped taking my Celexa Rx. My anxiety disorder came back again when I was pregnant, and later it got worse, into agoraphobia, after I had a bad panic attack as a passenger on a bridge. After that, I went to the emergency room, but the stuck up doc refused to refill my Celexa from an old RX I stopped taking a year before- because I was pregnant.  It was hard to find a OB doctor who would be willing to supervise me under Celexa when pregnant. But I found a sympathetic doc who said Celexa is safe for pregnant women, baby born perfectly healthy. Celexa took away my agoraphobia.
But when you start on a new meds, people have to test the meds. You can't just stay inside taking the meds. there will always be the doubt if the meds will work or not. So after 1 and a half weeks of taking the meds, I started going outside to sweep the porch. Noticed then, no shortness of breath. So then next day I walked a block to pick up my kid from school and even talked to a teacher. Noticed no shortness of breath. So every day I went farther and farther. I did get mind fear, but once I noticed I could breathe, I realized the medicine was workng. You will not know if it works until you go out in situations that used to make you nervous. It took me a month to get the nerve to go in the freeway, on the Celexa, I drove a quarter mile, I could breathe easy. So each and every day, I go more far away from home . I even have a job now. Need to stay on this meds as long as I can.
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