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Uveitis and Methotrexate

I have uveitis associated with HLA-B27. This has been going on since 1991. For many years it was controlled with oral prednisone, steroid eye drops and kenelog injections.  I had cataract and glaucoma surgeries as well as vitrectomies in both eyes. Last fall I went in for a regular appointment to find that my optic nerves were inflamed. My doc gave me 3 days of solumedrol IV as well as 60 mg of oral prednisone. She also prescibed methotrexate sub q injections weekly. I have no other inflammatory issues elsewhere in my body that I am aware of. I am monitored for liver toxicity and get standard blood work every 3 months. The methotrexate injections along with kenelog injections and oral prednisone are controlling the eye inflammation. The side effects of the methotrexate are bad, I feel bad all of the time. I have tried other meds(imuran) that had worse side effects. My doc and I agreed on the methotrexate to prevent further optic nerve inflammation surprises. My question is this. How long can I take methotrexate?  My blood work is always fine. I just have no energy, am nauseated and have little appetite for 1-4 days after the injections. After that, my appetite returns and I make up for lost time, so to speak. I have maintained a weight of 116 pounds throughout this treatment after initially losing 10 pounds. Can I take this med forever or will it eventually kill me?  I am on other meds and don't want to change or add new meds if I don't absolutely have to. Sorry for the length of my question.
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