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agoraphobia 13 years

Hi all,i have had this for 13years now,finding it very hard too find support even though i ave seeked for help at my lowest life line was who i ended up getting help off but just latest 6weeks on and off meds as aint helped i only go.out when have too and run home again as panic fear take over me esp at roads traffic etc i dont know where too turn now im getting tired i feel so alone im a nervous wreck its getting worse how do i fight this mind hell
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Hello, I can certainly understand your fears, I use to have agoraphobia, let me share what helped me.

First, I read, and still do read, the book by Dr Claire Weekes called "HOPE AND HELP FOR YOUR NERVES, this is excellent, it is like she is sitting next to you talking, I wore my first one out and had to get another one. I think it can still be purchased on amazon.com.

Second, take a good, high potency B vitamin, this is the "stress and nerve" vitamin, take it three times a day.

Third, see a good chiropractor, believe it or not, when vertebrae in our neck is out, we can have all kinds of symptoms.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you,its really hard and aint getting any easier,im getting tired,even when i do go out the main roads trying cross over them is hard,feel like im going to pass out its all fear,i have tried everything earphones playing music in my ears as loud as i can,used to help,but not now,its all fear of fear,not only when i go outside in house now too,not answering door etc,keeping my blinds near shut,its all getting on top of me been going on too long now :-(
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I understand.

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