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chatroom for agoraphobics like us?

is there one? would love to find one.
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I haven't found one but here if you want to talk.
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I also was looking for an agoraphobia group. It's a very scary and depressing disease. I miss going out to enjoy life. I feel so ashamed that I cannot be at my children's school or sporting events. I was always so involved and even volunteered regularly. Now I panic just going to the doctor's or store. I have gotten so bad that when my husband leaves I go into a full panic attack. I never want to be alone. I also have to be near a hospital or "safe zone".  I've been reading a book that says "exposure" is the best remedy, but boy is it hard. The book is informative but I guess you have to really try. It is called "The panic attacks workbook" by Dr. Carbonell. He has a website too at www.anxietycoach.com    Good Luck and I hope there's an answer for all of us.
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hi everyone, im not yet diagnosed with agoraphobia, but I think im having this kind of problem. I am very afraid of being sick, i dont want to be alone, sometimes i felt like crying, the hardest part is I cant understand what Im feeling, I had check up, but the doctor just gave me this med called alprazolam, and I think it works, but sometimes, im still afraid, it sudden attacks me, thinking of different things, I just want to monitor my self before going back to the doctor, i just need someone to talk with :I
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I have been diagnosed as agoraphobic. I used to be very adventurous and brave. I injured my hands and have lost all confidence. Can't do the same job I had for more than 15 years and feel completely vulnerable.  Just thinking about going into a grocery store makes me start to panic. My therapist told me to join a chat room and see if I could get help from each other. I have sons that will be getting married someday and one son that is about to graduate college. How can I attend these life events? I feel absolutely useless, no purpose accept to disappoint my children and myself.
i still have yet to find a chatroom that is good and useful
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