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help with stoping this fear

I tryed to walk over to my moms today she only lives a few houses down from me,,,And the paranioa that i felt was so overwhelming i had to look down at the ground while i was walking because everytime i tryed to look up n look around but it was like i couldnt take everything in around me it was like everything was to much for me to look at,,,im on saraguell 25mg at night n paxil 20mg in the morning,,,,i have been like this my who life ,,,i am 32 now n its just getting worse,,,i cant work ,,,i cant even go shopping,,,How do you fight this overwhelming fear???Its has stpo me from having a life,,,Im stuck,,,lost,,,
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We do lose a lot if we really think about it. But when we think about all we lost that is when we should be even more determinded to fight back. To get that life back. You just need a bit of drive and motivation. Just to kick start you off. Seriously. May sound all too easy. It will be putting you out there in the places you fear the most. But just imagine been able to take that same walk and feeling no fear at all. Wouldn't that be a dream come true for you. But we have to work hard to get that far. Do things one step at a time. Baby steps. Because like a baby we are learning how to cope all over again. Just try to set yourself small goals. Nothing major to begin with. The front garden to begin with. Just till you get used to the new feelings. Yes, we know. You want to run back in. But this is were we don't flee the scene. We brave it out. We let those feelings hit us. Why? Just to show ourselves that they do pass, just as they came on in the first place. Far from easy at first. But that is why we take small steps. The feelings are going to be horrible to begin with. The second time you do it they should be a little less horrible. You will still want to run away. You will want to flee the scene for the first number of times. Which is normal. It is all about trusting in your own ability. Let those feelings come on. Trust me they do pass. Nobody has ever died from a panic attack. When you feel safe in the garden, for example, you can move that little bit further on. I am sure you get the idea by now. Never take it too far to begin with. The fall will only never make you want to try it again. Hence, step by step. Slowly. Getting used to the new feelings and the whole idea that you can do this. Plus always reward yourself too. Rewards for positive things. We see the negative too easy. Quick to put ourselves down. So a small reward every now and again is fine. It's allowed.
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I have the same problem. I get anxiety just getting in the elevator of my condo., but mine is based on PTSD (multiple)
Mine has also gotten worse the older I get.
The only thing that I have found that has helped me is taking Clonazapam or Diazapam, which are for anxiety.
I have been on them over 3yrs now, and they do help, but I need to take them before I go out, otherwise there is no point in taking them.
I also have to kick myself in the butt, and just do it, which I now have found easier with the meds.
You may want to try these meds rather than the ones you are on which dont sound like they are working effectively...but as always, check with your Dr first.
Hope this helps.
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does the medication change your personality?
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No it doesnt change your personality, it belongs to the Valium family. You may get a bit tired, but it relaxes you enough along with your own motivation to do what you have to do.
I also take it before bed, but a much higher dose, and it helps me sleep.
Hope that answers your question, if not or if you want more info., feel free to drop me a line.

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