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is agoraphobia curable

I suffer from agoraphobia for 7 years now it came out of nowhere and destroyed my life.I get diarrhea and dizzy when im at grocery store or at doctor apt etc .feel trapped.I get panic attacks worrying about getting a panic attack!  When I know I have to go out I worry about it for two days before.I heard hypnosis cures agoraphobia ( I have 4teens at home) does anyone know about results?
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Hey there! I'm not sure if it curable but I think there are many different ways to learn how to deal with it. Have you seen a therapist or doc about it? Any meds? I too was looking into hypnosis and will ask my doc on Monday. Feel better!
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Hey there !  I have suffered panic from agoraphobia to different degrees my whole life.  I have had good progress with having my hubby taking over for me when I'm feeling extra vulnerable, and using aversion therapy to be past my agoraphobia.  I put myself in situations on purpose to get past the fear and attacks.  Sometimes I can get out of the house, others I can't, but knowing he is there ready to help me, makes it a smoother process.  I wish you well !!!

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