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I have tried to do some hypnosis, where they want you to imagine a life with out panic attacks, or where in a relaxed state I have to imagine my fear. Well it is really hard for me to imagine my fear because it is inanimate. It is the fear of fear or the fear of having another panic attack. I was wondering if some one could give me a good visual of what the fear of fear is. Also a good visual of what it would be like to live my live without panic attacks and agoraphobia. I have had it for so long it is almost the norm for me. In the "law of attraction" you are suppose to act as though you have already received the gifts, so am I suppose to act?
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Again...agree with What.   The visualizations you are trying ..well, sorry to be a killjoy, but I really see no way that they can help.  No way.

Now, having added my opinion, I will tell you that I practice visualization ...but only for very specific things.  Mainly physical stuff.  Never the 'life without panic' scenario.

Keep posting.  We have tips.  Different people: different experiences: same anxiety problems:).
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