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Angry wife

Im.struggling to cope with my wifes anger when drinking, dont get me wring i enjoy a glass of wine myself but where i want to chill my wife want to verbally attack me. Tonight for example, she drunk 2 bottlws of wine, watching a film, i lay on sofa and suddenlt she attacks me, says im sleeping , dont give a ****, im a usless husband and not a man! Iv just worked 50 hours this week and om tierd! But she sees it as a personal attack on her!! Suddenly im an idiot, usless etc! I dont know if i can take it anymore, She cant see it, its never her fault. Better off witout me and berings uo past things everytime! Dont know what to do but divorce seems like the only option just now! We were away to start ivf to continue our family but that now seem a waste of time as ill always be wrong,dge blame all that on me also as low speem count. Cant handle much more..either this has to stop or ill throw myself off a bridge.
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I suggest you BOTH go to a licensed substance abuse counselor and be totally honest about your drinking habits and set a goal @ whether complete abstinence from alcohol and all drugs is what you both need to consider.Are children in the house?
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What ibizan said - do that !!
and whatever else You do - DON'T bring a baby into this !!
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