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Concerns about partners alcohol intake

In peoples opinion, is 5 bottles of red wine over 4 evenings too much? I'm no drinker, and usually my partner drinks 4 on their own over the course of a weekend, with no regard to whether they need to drive the next day or not. I'm concerned this is turning into an addiction as for the past two nights they've waited until I've gone out to go and buy more and lied about what they bought to avoid conflict. It's driving me insane as I've been told it's perfectly normal and it's my problem but I know that a credit card will be used to buy more when money runs out. Is the amount normal or not?
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I think do maybe you could work your way down to 1 thats a acceptal number i feel
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Hello Williams Welcome to the forum.. I hope you do not take offense to what I have to say but it is not Normal to lie to our partner nor is it normal to sneak things. it is also not normal to spend money that you do not have on a substance that will take you from reality.. Yes I would say they have a problem with the alcohol.. They are correct that it is your problem as addiction effects the Whole family.. I would recommend Al Anon for you it is a support group for alcoholics and addicts. Google it and see if you have a meeting close to you. There you would learn not to enable your alcoholic.. How to be supportive and much needed support for yourself as any addict can make you feel crazy.. I do not think it is normal to drink that much wine in a evening our a weekend.. I hope you sit and have a serious talk with your partner and tell them how their drinking is making you feel If they can not stop our do not at least cut back then you definitely have your answer to weather they are a alcoholic our have a addiction problem.. I wish you well and hope you check out Al Anon.. lesa
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