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Dear all,

After many months of my husband drinking excessive amounts of alcohol each evening (at least 6 large cans of beer a night), he is now down to 2 cans of beer a night except for weekends where he may have 6/7.
He carries a 9 to 5 job without having a drop of alcohol until he comes home.

what my question to you is does it mean it is like he says that its because he "enjoys beer" or because he does actually rely on it?
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The fact that he has cut down is a good sign. However, have you ever asked him WHAT he enjoys about the beer? If his answer is that it relaxes him, then he is putting some reliance on it. Though he is far from being an alcoholic, it is very possible that your husband has a certain dependency on the alcohol. The fact is this: there really isn't anyone that drinks regularly that isn't doing it for the buzz. However, I don't personally see this as a problem.
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Talk to him about it and ask him if he can seriously tell you he doesn't feel like he NEEDS to drink every day. It's a definite warning sign that he does, but the question is, can he refrain from drinking or does he feel as if he needs to? He can be a functional alcoholic and it doesn't necessarily have to affect his work. But express your concern to him :D
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I keep hoping things will change but I am beginning to loose faith. He refuses to go to rehab or to marriage counseling. I feel lost and very depressed. I am not sure were to turn but I want to do what is best for my children. I have tried al-anon but I guess I am looking for a quick fix. Any suggestions
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