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feeling anxious today

This morning he went to the chemist to collect his script asked for my bank card to get some fags and i also needed some painkillers so i handed it over willingly, deep down i knew he'd prob want/buy some beer but with it only being 9am i thought he might of thought it abit early or should ask before spending someone else's money? Seems thats not the case at all he brought booze n the stronger one at that, i had an incline when he walked in that he'd been drinking but didnt want to accuse him even thou i could smell it on him! My son picked up a can a couple of doors down n said he had seen luke put it down on the wall before he walked in, its annoying me how hes hiding the cans ,so i asked him he said he hadn't been drinking to which i replyed "dont lie to me", then he confessed he only had the one i asked him why he lied about it a he said it was a joke not a lie. Im getting so fed up of the lies and empty promises its getting me down and he is constantly saying i have a face like a slapped arse and im a kill joy, but i cant relax its like im waiting for him to become a ***** with me the outcome which i know will happen. I know for definite hes had one super ten today but my daughter walked into the front room with another two emptys so thats 3 emptys ive seen and now has just returned from the shops with at least another one that i can see. Ive made my excuses and jumped into a bath to try n relax as well as get some space i dunno wether to attempt to talk to him or just stay quiet n out the way for the rest of the evening? Whats the best thing for me to do?
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It's never a good idea to try to confront someone who is already intoxicated.  That way lies potential violence or at the very least a whole lot of ugly shouting that does nobody in the vicinity any good at all.  

Active alcoholics' brains just don't work the same way ours do.  Where alcohol is concerned, they don't have an off switch.  There simply are no negative consequences to drinking.  He can't control himself and you can't control his drinking either.  All you can do is learn how to protect yourself as much as you can - mentally, physically and financially.

Have you ever looked into Al-Anon?  There is so much there for you to learn and the support is incredible.  If nothing else, give a few meetings a try and see what you think.  No education is wasted.  Can't hurt; might help.  :-)
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It humors me that they only ever see one drink!!!!! Sadly your children will always remember finding the empties and a dad who was and is consumed by alcohol, you need to find the courage to leave and tell him you will be back when he is dry. Our children only get one childhood and we owe it to act in their best interest at all times...... Good luck x
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