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What do you do for yourself when in a relationship with an alcoholic?

How do you cope?  What do you do for yourself to get through it?  If your spouse is an alcoholic, what do you do for your own peace in life?
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The first step is to learn about this condition, and realistically accept the low odds of anything changing, then you can determine how you really feel about the situation you are in. You can read books about it, but a fast free solution that will present the stark reality is to go to Al Anon where you will meet everyone else there who is suffering from an alcoholic relationship. Then you will see that most of the newcomers are in denial saying if only he would change we could have a good life, even though there has never been a good life to base that hope on.  
Lots of people get caught up in the drama of caring for an alcoholic because their strong need for drink is the center of their universe and they require so much attention and cause so much disruption in the process of drinking, that the other person often doesn't have time to consider if they want to be with or if they even like the alky. If the alky happens to go dry at some point in their life (small odds of that happening btw) the other person in some cases may realize they were never interested in them but didn't realize it because dealing with the problems the alky creates is so time consuming.
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You don't think people get sober? I think counseling is a good idea for those of us in this situation, for sure. Al anon would be good for gaining support.  I think it can be really isolating to be in a relationship with you, your partner and their drug of choice.  And trying to take care of your own health, always important. Rest, exercise, eat right.  

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