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The Continueing Saga.....Sober Ladies Brouhaha

Well here goes....that other one was getting 2 long...again!hope to hear from Bandida and Tjack....where is Tink?
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Hey babe, cool beans, catcha later.
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Darn it ibi u beat me 2 it!!!! I was thinkin bout a new name 4 our thread!!!! This is good I like it!!!!! Been a long day @ wk and dealin w/the new butthead mngr. I think I almost have him trained LOLOLOL b'lieve me I'll get things my way and he won't even realize it!!! I'll b back on in the a.m and catch up with allof you girls!!! Take care have a nice evening...I'm gonna go snooze...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz LUV YA BUNCHES  TERRY
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I found you all!!  Home and glad to be here.  Mom is doing good.  It is amazing.  Her mind is pretty darn good.  Got her a medic alert necklace, home health care nurse coming 2 times a week.  P T coming 2 times a week.  New MD and meds. lined out.
What a relief.  Got out of Dallas yesterday, beautiful day but won't be for too much longer, rain and wind will get there too.  But, nothing like the gulf is getting.  
I am bushed but will be back on tomorrow.  I had a beer and a half back there one evening at dinner.  I can give you every excuse, a nervous wreck day mostly and i shouldn't have done it , but i did and am thankful i had enough sense to stop.  That was GOD, i believe.  Love to all my gals.  I have missed you all.  TJack
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glad ur mom is doing better...its such a rollercoaster oh yes it is.....ah my dear a beer and a half.....thats enuf to tease the BEAST.....prayers for u that u stop the ridiculous thought that u can EVEN have one!:)
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Hi all especially Tjack glad U R well!! My sat off got so much to do but I think of U gals all the time!!! Still got a butthead MNgr!!! OMG what a pain in the A...! 2 much 2 get into and such stupid drama 4 a convennience store/subway Pleeeeeze!!!!!!! You'd think the guy was Bill Gates!    I'll catch up with ya ladies later....my sched says I can go grocery shopping @10am so don't want 2 alert the POPO and deviate LOLOLOL LUV YA ALL LOTS XXXOOO TERRY C ya's later muah!!!!!!
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Glad to see ya'll here.  Sorry your addiction won out the other night TJack.  Its like you had the angel on one should and the devil on the other fighting it out inside you.  Glad the angel gave the devil the "one two" finally.

I use to say to myself " A drink is not an option".

Today is the shower girls.  When it comes to curtain call, I am surprisingly alright. Izi has been a great support. I just ironed my outfit.  Nails are done, gifts are wrapped, next I do pretty hair and makeup.  Gees, I haven't done girly in so long it feels awkward.  Heels too!  My son's fiance' isn't coming.  When its a choice between a big work gala event and my daughter's shower,  she picks work.  She is a bridesmaid.  I'm turning that one over.

Well, off to wash up. Pray the prayer for me girls, that I may maintain serenity and reap the joys of today.  

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oh boy girl...ur a bigger woman than i in all this social etiquette brouhaha...i'm quite the rebel and labeled social miscreant in them..but i don't have a daughter gettin hitched!good luck!what on the menu?any Edy's bars for dessert?alcohol gonna be there?what to drink?ur not having those wonder white bread mini chicken ham and egg salad sandwiches with the crusts trimmed off shaped like diamonds r ya?and thos lil chalky pastel green mints?and the white frosted sheet cake with Congratulations in yellow frosting?teehee!:)
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Glad to be back on board and tired but have my resolve back, no drinking!!!  
You are too funny Ibi, about the shower and wedding food!  Phtartist, i bet you
were beautiful Darlin after you got yourself all dolled up.  I know you are beautiful anyway, inside and out.  Hope it all went well.
Bandida, what are we to do with your boss?  Bill Gates, indeed!! too funny
Hope you all have a great Sunday.   Weather is beautiful up here in the nw.  Warm
days and cool nights. No humidity.  Thank goodness. Oh it was humid in Dallas.
No wonder we moved from Texas all those years ago.  But, i do love to visit our loved
ones down there.   bye for now.  Hugs, TJ
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oh yes the cloned protocol for showers and food...i try to avoid them at all costs with contrived previous social engagements.....some i cannot let i incur 2 much wrath!tjack-ya need to get back to meetings and regular sponsor contact....Ph hope ya get a good nap 2 day and xtra Edy's bars after all the socializing.....and Bandida some bosses are like flies...they eat poop and pester others...ya gotta get out ur mental fly swatter and swat them away!
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The saying "Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday."  It always rings true, but the boozer in me still looses it way before the occasion but when curtain calls, Voila'.

I did my daughter proud. Full course dinner for the 24 guests that came. Izi girl, we had whipped cream sheet cake with.......get this..........cannoli filling!  OH BABY!  Burgundy script that read "Showers of Blessing" and her name.

Booze, yea there was booze, I had wine on each table, and a champagne fountain flowing the whole time.  Did I even see it.  NOPE!  They put a glass of champagne in front of me for the toast and I casually poured it into another glass poured water in it to rinse it and poured water in it and when we toasted her, I had my water or should I call it what my Grandpa   (the other alcoholic) called water "City Gin".

It's funny when we first get sober we sweat those situations.  I even bought a slim yellow handbook which was an alcoholic's guide on how to handle different situations like that.  Now, I don't even think about it.  I'm very open about being in recovery.  I told my long time friend right out, I don't drink, as a matter of fact I'm in AA.  

How can you help another alcoholic if you remain anonymous.  My husband has helped two of my son's friends and I one of his other friends because we are open about it.  They come to us knowing they are in good hands.

I've had friends ask me to help them figure out if they're alcoholics.  First of all I tell them that is not for anyone else to do.  Then I tell them not to drink for 90 days and go to an open speaker meeting and listen and see if they can identify with the stories.  That's where God does his work. They can go with my husband or I.

I do ask them if they have a compulsion to drink.  If they drink, do they have trouble stopping? Plant a seed. Let God do the rest.

We have one friend that has said that he knows he is an alcoholic but is no willing to stop drinking.  He comes over to go to the track with my husband with his backpack and a six pack and cooler packs in it.  Sweet guy who one time said, If your going to a meeting its OK, I'll go with you.  funny huh.  The seed sprouting.

Other girl, stopped, on her own, but there is an emptiness, shortness, shallowness, exhaustion. She never reaped the benefit of the 12 steps, of the WE of the program.

Have a great day ladies,

Four hours went so fast.  I was in a time warp. An example of this ....I met my nephew's wives.  I had not seen them since they were skinny little 10 year olds. Now they have their own kids. I took a picture with my 90 year old former mother in law and her other former daughter in law. It was the first wives club photo.  We were all laughing our ***** off.  

My best friend of 35 years who I lost touch with for the last 16 since I moved was there. We hugged and just started bawling.  

Thanks girls for letting me vent and writing back in support.  Like I wrote to Izi one time, Ya'll good listeners, lol.

Seriousely, you do pay attention.

Bandida, I get the feeling, you have summed up your boss and will navigate his sorry butt right into where you want him.

TJack, thumbs up on staying sober "one day at a time" through it all and your Mom is doing well.

Izi, you simply Rock.
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woops,  After "City Gin" go down to Four hours went so fast...  then back up to  the paragraph....Its funny when we first get sober..

I inserted a line but kept on going and forgot the stuff I wrote behind it, I'm cracking up here, Duh, haha

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oh wowee girl now those were some eats u had there.....the mercedes benz of shower food!oh and that cake?i'd b licking the frsoting offa the plate...pack it on ur booty..move over cellulite..theres another lump joining the clump!hahaha!sounds like such a good time getting 2 gether with women u hadn't seen in awhile.....and as far as the booze goes...ppl r more concerned with what THEIR drinking as opposed to what u r.....they r concerned with their OWN buzz!my City Gin is ginger ale.....or my fav mixed drink....ginger ale cranberry juice and the shaken iced tea lemonades...i been making my own sun tea with lotsa green tea bags and lemonade so good looks like an old fav long island iced teas now those really toasted my grey matter upstairs and scary i would drive with w/several of those under my belt....sheez! grateful i don't do that anymore......ibi's NA drinks!!!!
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