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Will i go through Alcohol withdrawal when I don't drink every day?

  I have been drinking a pint of vodka plus a few beers every other day for about 3 years.  I was strictly a weekend warrior before that.  I'm pretty religious about taking that day off, plus I hate hangovers. I've decided to quit.  Wondering if I could still go though withdrawal when I wasn't your classic everyday drinker, if there is such a thing. .I've read dozens of posts on here about end-stage alcoholism and I don't want to to put my family through that. I'm 45 and should be around for a while.  
Thanks for any feedback.
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That's a lot alcohol to be consuming,even if its every other day!It would be wise for you to consult your family MD,be honest with them @ your consumption levels and they will advise you medically on what to expect.I'm also suggesting you google some reading on PAWS-Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome on Alcohol.Depending on how long you drank for and how much you consumed the symptoms are individual for each person.Thank You for posting, and please let us know what you find out!
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If you want to quit drinking, you might want to try to taper off first, instead of stopping suddenly, to try to reduce the severity of possible alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
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