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1 year sober, find it hard to concentrate

I know this sounds silly coming from someone as young as me, but I am 21 and last year I decided to get help for my alcoholism.

I was drunk for weeks at a time and mostly by myself. Before I started drinking regularly, when I was 17 I was fascinated by my own mind, I could work out problems and multitask without ever writing anything down. I took an actual IQ test to get a scholarship and scored in the 1 percentile.

I was thinking the alcohol somehow made me dumber and had my sister who is a psychologist give me another actual IQ test recently and again I scored very high (I feel really silly writing this because I really dont like people to think Im showing off but I feel its relevant) but Im convinced my mind isnt what it once was. Im still able to work out complex problems but the multitasking function is weak, I find it difficult to follow a problem in my mind and concentrate without writing anything down.

My doctor said my body would recover from the alcohol in 6 months and Ive been taking B complex which she also said would help but Im not seeing any improvement and I am starting to worry. In no way do I feel less intelligent but since I am doing a very difficult course at university I am able to spot these differences in my mind.

I apologize for any spelling mistakes english isnt my first language. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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Just realized I put this in the wrong section, not sure if I can move it.
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What's the most important thing in your life for the coming few decades?

I hope you'll agree that it's avoiding alcohol, even just one drink.

If your concentration's poor and you start worrying about it, it will become worse.

I think your focus ought to be on studying ways of finding relaxation for your mind (I find practicing meditation invaluable).  If you spend a lot of time on bookwork, a simple break such as a brisk walk might work wonders.  There are a variety of safe and healthy ways, to sharpen your mind back up to its full potential.
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Not silly at all i started way younger i was 13 when i started drinking and im now 7 months sober and congrats on being 1 year takes alot of strength and courage to stop drinking its taken me 23 years to stop im going into rehab monday for abit more help i thought my brain was distroyed as well but ive always been a slow learner and my brain is a normal size you could be stressed lack of sleep try taking alot of brakes don't sit there hours on end studding hun try going for walks baths even chocolate breaks hun defently dont give up congrats again on being one year sober and hope think of all the positive things you have acheved xxxxx
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