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After effects of delirium tremens

About five months ago i was suffering from alcohol withdrawl.  I went to detox for two days and when i got out i was still going through withdrawls.  I started going through delirium tremens and would hallucinate and hear voices, could not sleep and rapid mood changes for about two weeks.  I never got medical help because i was scared i was gonna get diagnosed with something crazy.  After the two weeks of DT's  and stopped having hallucinations but since then i have been feeling very wierd.  Its like i have no emotion at all.  I cant sense pleasure anymore, or feel angry or anything.  I feel just flat all the time and am very fatigued.  It has been five months and still feel exactly the same and i also have been sober for five months  and still no motivation, no pleasure in anything.  Anybody go through the same thing?  Does it go away
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When I got sober it took months of hard work to deal with the emotional baggage I had from years of alcohol abuse. I was a mess, denial is a big thing with us, if it is not there it cant hurt us so rather than face our daemons we deny them to the point that we believe our own denial.  
First go talk with your family doctor, a medical check up would be in order but you must be honest with them about your drinking.
Second, find a good aftercare program, the detox facility you went to may have one.
Thirdly, get involved in a recovery program like AA.
If you put in the effort you will reap the rewards.

Well done on five months without out a drink :)

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when i got sober/clean in 1983 the medical community didn't believe it prudent to give me any type of anti-depressant or  non-addictive anti-anxiety agent to ease me thru the early stages of a post acute withdrawal syndrome......and i was PRETTY miserable for the first 9 months w/what u describe!Today it is a different story w/the medical community and there are good temporary medications that are non-habit forming to help w/what u describe.rod has given u very good advice and i hope u follow it!My boss told me i was made to work hard for my recovery which i did......a LOT of meetings sober/clean ppl and working on the garbage that had accumulated tween my 2 ears for years was what i did!
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my withdrawals were awfull.....took me 2 years to feel normal...alcohol changes the way your brain works...it can take a long time to feel ok again..get it back..maybe try a little gatoraide each day..the fatigue can be caused by an impaired liver or maybe dipression ..anyway... sounds like your doing alright.....good luck.....billy
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