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Alcohol cause red hands? What do I do?

I'm not an alcoholic. I only drink at party's and I only party once a year. Alcohol makes my hands red and hot, like I could go outside in winter and steam rises from them. Could it be due to the freak accident with harsh chemicals while I was using a dishwasher at a old folks home? As far as I know no one in my family has this problem, only me.
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Sounds like your body has an allergic reaction to it!It does affect some like that!Maybe finding something else non-alcoholic to drink at a party?
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Google Alcohol flush reaction.Are you of Asian descent?There is a genetic predisposition towards it!Very interesting reading!
You pose an interesting question. Red palms after drinking can be an indication of a serious liver problem. While you don't drink, you may be suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver infiltration. Symptoms are very slow to appear and the disease may be ongoing for years before you realize you have a problem. The base cause of this disease is generally unknown but type II diabetes along with metabolic syndrome are thought contribute to the gradual progression of the disease and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Fibrosis and cirrhosis can eventually develop. See your doctor, it's easy to diagnosis and a few simple blood tests should answer your question. As noted above, many Asians have trouble processing alcohol due to certain genetic predispositions. Better safe than sorry. It can be reduced (or at least slowed) by special diets and medications.
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