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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

I am current going through alcohol withdrawal alone (day 2). Cannot keep even the smallest amounts of food. After some time without much warning I violently regurgitate everything including stomach acid.
This happens several times a day and know it's probably damaging my esoughogaus sphinkter,
Now I quite frquently belch and somethimes get hiccupps from what seems to be nothing - just trying to expel something, Very frequently bending over or lying in bed, Antacids help somebut not enough.

Do you think I have already damaged the esoughogaus sphinkter? What can I do?

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Ive been there,you won't be able to eat till your body is ready,you really should go to an ER where they will stabalize you with some benzos,I wouldn't wish cold turkey from drinking on anyone.
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How long has your habit been going on?  How much per day were you drinking?  

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Anyone out there??????
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How are you doing now?  It's been several days and no word from you....
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Where are you????  Worried about you....

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3 years ago I detoxed by myself and went thru one of the worst times in memory. I had been drinking... well anyway. Shakes and sweats were nothing. Visual and auditory hallucinations were quite exceptional and debilitating. Skin was on fire and all the rest. Symptoms lasted for three to four weeks. Even had to learn how to walk again. My choice the last time was to get someone to sign me into the psych ward at the hospital. I got help and support and am doing well.
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