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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

I am current going through alcohol withdrawal alone (day 2). Cannot keep even the smallest amounts of food. After some time without much warning I violently regurgitate everything including stomach acid.
This happens several times a day and know it's probably damaging my esoughogaus sphinkter,
Now I quite frquently belch and somethimes get hiccupps from what seems to be nothing - just trying to expel something, Very frequently bending over or lying in bed, Antacids help somebut not enough.

Do you think I have already damaged the esoughogaus sphinkter? What can I do?

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Ive been there,you won't be able to eat till your body is ready,you really should go to an ER where they will stabalize you with some benzos,I wouldn't wish cold turkey from drinking on anyone.
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How long has your habit been going on?  How much per day were you drinking?  

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Anyone out there??????
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How are you doing now?  It's been several days and no word from you....
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Where are you????  Worried about you....

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3 years ago I detoxed by myself and went thru one of the worst times in memory. I had been drinking... well anyway. Shakes and sweats were nothing. Visual and auditory hallucinations were quite exceptional and debilitating. Skin was on fire and all the rest. Symptoms lasted for three to four weeks. Even had to learn how to walk again. My choice the last time was to get someone to sign me into the psych ward at the hospital. I got help and support and am doing well.
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Oh boy..  Is this what I'm in for????
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Has to do with your age and duration of binges. Mine lasted for about 1 to 2 years each with a 6 month break now and again.
Each time to I tried to dry out it was harder, longer and more debilitation. There is a point when you know it will be too much to bear to dry out and you just keep pushing off the inevitable, making the inevitable even more unbearable.
I knew inside that everyone knows I was a drunk. The knowledge and the pain and shame has to be gotten rid of so another day goes by. I knew there wasn’t any goodwill in my contact group to make an intervention possible. Alcoholics usually end up alone and desperate for help having alienated everyone. It just drives you to keep on drinking because no one really does care by then.
Drinking so long and hard also changes the chemical and psychological makeup of your brain. Once you have these problems they are very hard to shake off. I quote here…
Brains of Alcoholics
Alcoholics in treatment present a different picture. Although most alcoholics entering treatment do not have decreased overall intelligence scores, approximately 45 to 70 percent of these patients have specific deficits in problem solving, abstract thinking, concept shifting, psychomotor performance, and difficult memory tasks Such deficits usually are not apparent without neuropsychological testing.
In addition, structural changes in the brains of alcoholics have been reported, as well as reduced cerebral blood flow and altered electrical activity, but there is not yet any clear evidence implicating these changes as the cause of observed cognitive deficits.
For the most severe alcoholics, serious organic cerebral impairment is a common complication, occurring in about 10 percent of patients. The diverse signs of severe brain dysfunction that persist after cessation of alcohol consumption have been conceptualized in terms of two organic mental disorders: alcohol amnestic disorder (memory disorder) and dementia associated with alcoholism (American Psychiatric Association 1987).
Alcohol–Related Psychiatric Symptoms and Signs
Heavy alcohol use directly affects brain function and alters various brain chemical and hormonal systems known to be involved in the development of many common mental disorders (e.g., mood and anxiety disorders. The patient's symptoms and signs may vary in severity depending upon the amounts of alcohol used, how long it was used, and how recently it was used, as well as on the patient's individual vulnerability to experiencing psychiatric symptoms in the setting of excessive alcohol consumption.
Independent Major Depression
Mood disturbances are arguably the most common psychiatric complaint among treatment–seeking alcoholic patients, affecting upwards of 80 percent of alcoholics at some point in their drinking careers. In keeping with the three broad categories described above into which such complaints may fall, mood problems may be characterized as one of the following:
• An expected, time–limited consequence of alcohol's depressant effects on the brain
• A more organized constellation of symptoms and signs (i.e., a syndrome) reflecting an alcohol–induced mood disorder with depressive features
• An independent major depressive disorder coexisting with or even predating alcoholism.
Several studies found that approximately 60 percent of alcoholics who experience a major depressive episode, especially men, meet the criteria for an alcohol–induced mood disorder with depressive features. The remaining approximately 40 percent of alcoholic women and men who suffer a depressive episode likely have an independent major depressive disorder—that is, they experienced a major depressive episode before the onset of alcoholism or continue to exhibit depressive symptoms and signs even during lengthy periods of abstinence.
Bipolar Disorder
According to two major epidemiological surveys conducted in the past 20 years, bipolar disorder (i.e., mania or manic–depressive illness) is the second–most common axis I disorder associated with alcohol dependence. Among manic patients, 50–60 percent abuse or become dependent on alcohol or other drugs (AODs) at some point in their illness.
Anxiety Disorders
Overall, anxiety disorders do not seem to occur at much higher rates among alcoholics than among the general population. For example, results from the Epidemiologic Catchment Area survey indicated that among patients who met the lifetime diagnosis of alcohol abuse or dependence, 19.4 percent also carried a lifetime diagnosis of any anxiety disorder. This corresponds to only about 1.5 times the rate for anxiety disorders in the general population. Specific anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, social phobia, and PTSD, however, appear to have an increased co–occurrence with alcoholism.
ASPD and Other Externalizing Disorders
Among the axis II personality disorders, ASPD has long been recognized to be closely associated with alcoholism. Epidemiologic analyses found that compared with nonalcoholics, alcohol–dependent men are 4–8 times more likely, and alcoholic women are 12–17 times more likely, to have comorbid ASPD.
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I myself thought this was a lot of hog wash when I was young. I am now dry after 30 years dry but suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder and well as Depression and Anxiety. To stay sane I have to take medication twice daily.
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It's been almost a year of heavy use.  I'm 33yrs.  Will I have long term effects if I get help now?
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You are too young to have long term problems. But there are the related physical and financial irritants to be look at.
I must have spent nearly two hundred thousand dollars in the 30 plus years I drank and smoked. A lot of loot to pizz away.
And the constant effort to keep the weight down and stay in shape was an effort. I ran four miles every other day for years and did the multivitamins thing just in case I didn’t have that fabled heart attack.
My old man, half brother, and sister died as mentally ill burnt out sticks. Real sad.
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I think the long term effects turn up in your 40 and 50 like me.  Again, my recent physical revealed 'normal' liver functioning, but alcohol seems to be affecting my mind and making me VERY depressed.  That's why ultimately I want to quit and since mental illness and alcoholism runs in my family. It's time... why push my luck further?
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first ....,i hope everything works out for you dark 69...and sheltercrow you really had some great info...i wonder how reid1954 is doing....i wish i had gotten to this forum right after i quit drinking....i'm 55 and i think a lot of folks just don't know how long you have symptoms...the mental stuff can really hang in there...i was drinking about a third of a fith of vodka a night and stopped that march of 06...at least cut down to 1 to 2 beers a day....then in march of 07 i stopped all drinking....both times i had real nasty withdrawl...i didn't get any help...i think everyone should get help...i also found out i had hep c in march of 06 so that made things real intence...i really was bad and now i'm getting better all the time...anyway..good luck to all...billy
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It sounds like you weren't drinking very much to get bad withdrawl.  symptoms...i was drinking about a third of a fith of vodka a night and stopped that march of 06...at least cut down to 1 to 2 beers a day....then in march of 07 i stopped all drinking....both times i had real nasty withdrawl..
Does this happen to everyone?  I'm definatly in for it then.  I drink way more that a third of a fifth a day.  
Any input?.
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U make me shudder girl!PLEASE seek some outside help.You have small children to care for.If ur incapacitated and they need u and u malfunction u'll never forgive urself.I say this outta concern!
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**** girl, that's a lot... did not know.  You really need to stop, especially with the vodka.  That stuff kills young people, not just older folks.  Be there for at least your kids...!!  The nasty withdrawals would be hard, never have experienced actually.  Nothing good is going to happen if you don't stop.  You don't want to be still drinking at my age.  Don't waste your life!
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dark is right......me 2.....ur young and CAN nip this in the butt.....u must....loosen the grip of the BEAST on u!
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Maybe you misunderstood me on my intake.  A fifth of vodka is one bottle, right?  One third of that is about four drinks or less right?  That seems like it would be easy to taper down from.  I was just suprised that someone would have severe withdrawl from that amount.  And, yes as I have said some days I'll drink a half a bottle of vodka or a bottle and a half of wine.  
ibizan, you are starting to make me feel really guilty.  Maybe that is your point.  Well I said I would go to the meeting so maybe you can back down a little.  I'm sad as it is.
I'll keep you posted.

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not my intention to make u feel guilty honey ...i want u to stop killing urself with this ****!i say what i say outta concern....and if u feel guilty and it makes u think then thats a good thing right?ur sad cuz alcohol is central nervous sytem depressant and when the buzz is gone u feel like a towmotor ran over ya.I been there i know!u consume alotta alcohol girl....i was never a beer person.....Bacardi,Beefeaters,and double/triple everything!I'm on ur side girl.....u CAN beat this..u must or it will destroy u!
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I'm starting to motivate for this meeting.  
You have been a great inspiration.  It's time and i know it.  Thanks for being hard on me.  Tough love is the only thing that normally works.

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No, I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty; that's not my gig. Misunderstood /  intake?...  possibly, doesn't matter.  The quantity and type is not the issue; any amount is not good for any of us.  Geesh, I'm talking like a saint; I better shut my mouth because I have a long ways to go and worry I'll get sucked in by BEAST again.
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when i admitted my addictions in 1983 my family was stunned...and ashamed..parents felt unecessarily guilty.I was viewed and still is viewed today as THE FAMILY SECRET....one of many!Many of my so- called professional co-horts ridiculed me b-hind my back,my family said this is your problem take care of it and my brother was the most supportive understanding one.at that time i was living in a very small town.Very few sober women around.One of the addictions counselors i worked with sed if u wanna find good recovery get in ur car and go look for it!And i did.I had no problem going in2 bar by self,or going to buy drugs by self so in2 the 12 step rooms i went.Some meeting s iliked some i didn't and many folks i thought fulla manure.But there were those I found who walked what they talked.My first sponsor I found in NA.Impaired nurse fired for stealing drugs from where she worked.So poised,had some serenity a nd a fairly 2 gether life.i benefitted from her wisdom.I would turn it in2 an adventure to go to many diff type of meetings to see who i could meet.And very soon i was not going alone!Another ibizan-ism if i always do what i want to do,i'll end up loaded.I MUST make myself do what i need to do...and the chances r good i' stay sober/clean!
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Ibizan, Great story.  Thanks for sharing.  I've never had a problem doing things alone either.  I love to do things by myself.  I would rather.  
It's really nice of you to encourage us so much.  Is this board part of your counceling job?  Either way, you give great advice and you have really pushed me to at least motivate.  Maybe you should open your own business.  I bet you would do well.

Dark, hope your hanging in there.  I'll be going through it myself very soon.  You ain't no saint but you have become my friend.  It's nice.

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No dark is NO saint.....oxymoron there dark the saint....hahaha dark...No girl this forum is not part of my counseling job!that stops when i leave work!When i open up my own biz which will be retirement it will be pet sitting and pooper scooping!What i tell u i practice myself.And i learn from those around me what works for them.I like to help those who want to stop chemically killing themselves like i once did.Saying in AA....u keep what u have by giving it away!this forum exists to support and motivate each other.I was in another thread learning...and stumbled....soberly so..in2 this one!
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