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Alcohol withdrawal: what can speed up the process?

If someone is withdrawing from alcohol, is there anything that person can do to speed up the process? Or to make it better? I've heard that giving glucose sometimes helps. Would that work with a person whose pressure tends to change a lot. Not sure if there is diabetes.
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Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal!U need to seek medical attention ASAP for the person you are mentioning here!Administering remedies you've heard of can prove disastrous as well!
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It's true, that alcohol withdrawal can easily result in seizures. Withdrawal is best done under medical supervision in a detox unit. It's a small price to pay for long term sobriety. Also, it is important to get plans in place , like AA, to stay quit. Many times people think that all you have to do is to stop drinking, having no plans on what it takes to keep sober. AA meetings are a good place to start. There you can get a sponsor, so that when you do have cravings, (and you will) you can call your sponsor and be distracted enough to get through the craving. It helps to have friends in the program , that are there to support you and celebrate your victory. Please consider taking the prescribed route to freedom from alcohol. If it was easy to quit, there would not be millions sticking to the program.
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How are you doing now?  Really what I did..and withdrawal is "H*LL".  I always have really bad withdrawals..I have been in the hospital MANY times for withdrawal.  

I asked what they give us when we are in hospital...I can't remember it all now...but it defiantly included a B12 vitamin, vitamin C, THIAMINE...(the importance of Thiamine was stressed and I don't remember why)...If you look it up...you may be able to figure out why.  And the important drugs they give for preventing seizures..are like Xanax or Lorazepam.

Another thing is to drink LOTs of water...If they took my blood pressure at the time and it was HIGH...they would tell me to go drink more water.

This..they didn't do at detox...but I always buy the sports drinks with the electorlytes...Gatorade..PowerAde...very important because drinking dehydrates us.  And dehydration in itself causes...many withdrawal symptoms...

I can usually only re introduce food in small amounts...because I never eat when I drink..I went 27 days the last time...without food...of any substance...maybe a bite here and there..and some spoonfuls of peanut butter...but THATS it.  

I ended in hospital..needing 7 IVs (for fluid and vitamins).

I destroy myself when I drink...I'm glad I saw your withdrawal post tonight because  I needed to be REMINDED...I have been extremely stressed (more than usual...LOL)...lately and thinking about drinking a lot.

And after my last withdrawal for which I didn't feel human again until about 2wks...I swore I would never drink. I mean in the hospital...someone had to hold me up to walk to get to the toilet...and the Dr. told me...that 1-2 more days of drinking like that...not eating and just smoking....I would have died...he said my organs were shutting down...I had pancreatitis...it was awful.  I hope you are OK...

I hope you made it thru the withdrawal.
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