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Alcoholic (was) in the Family, does this increse my chances?


My Grandmother was an alcoholic for many, many years before she finally died from her illness and her daughter is also an alcoholic. Fortunately for me my mother has not suffered the same fate.

However I have become increasingly concerned about my own drinking over the last few years to the point where I feel I need to give up completely. My biggest problems are (a) not knowing when to stop (once I'm 'in the zone') and (b) suffering blackouts that can last for many hours at a time.

I'm in my 30s, I do not drink on a daily basis and would therefore class myself as a binge drinker, particular when with close firends who I haven't seen for a while. I definitely have no 'off switch' and can easily stay up till 5/6am without any real awareness of how long I've been drinking for.

Can anyone help explain if this is something that has been 'passed down' the family or do I just have a problem all of my own making? Where should I go for help as an AA meeting is so open and I would rather talk to someone on a 1 to 1 basis in the first instance.

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i am a sober/alcoholic addict.I have a great deal of alcoholism in my family on both sides those ppl now gone.I have found that about roughly 40% of my adult clients have an addiction problem who've had an addicted parent both parents or grandparents.Dayjjob being substance abuse counselor.You have good self awareness and have identified symptoms of alcoholism in yourself.....loss of control the no  OFF switch and the blacking out.I suggest you try AA...and look for what u have in common with the others there...not what u haven't already done....there is always a YET!If you want to go to counseling....any counselor would be glad to see you....it is a joy to see one come voluntarily rather than those who are forced by the court who resent sitting in your office and are chock to the gills with denial.
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Hello. Like ibizan said, there definitely seems to be a genetic component to alcoholism. Both my dad and his father were alcoholics, and I eventually became worse than both of them combined. My dad died from alcoholic induced pancreatitis, and I have been diagnosed with the same. There are many online resources, including this forum, as well as aa and other support groups made up of other alcoholics who would be happy to help you. And like ibizan said also, there are counselors and therapists available that can provide one on one advisement. Anyhoo, glad you're here, and please let us know how its going and feel free to bring up any concerns or questions you may have, you are not alone! Take care, GM
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I should think it is more environmental than genetic. You see people drink heavily as a child and it looks normal to you. So you start to drink too. I note that people with a heavy starch and sweets diet have a greater tendency for alcoholism. The Irish are a case in point. Hypoglycemia? Maybe.
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allmymarbles - I'm not sure the family 'environment' has a great deal of influence in my case as neither my Mother ( a very moderate drinker) and my Father (who hardly ever drinks) would ever really drink when I was around. I can see how this would be a massive influence for kids who grew up with parents who were alcoholics though.

Ibizan - thanks for the advice, I will look around for my local AA group and attend a group over the next few weeks. I have not had a drink since my last 'blowout' which was 5 days ago. I think that's part of the problem, I don't crave alcohol on a daily basis, it's just when I start on it I cannot stop myself.

Boogieman - it's reassuring that you have the same thoughts as me. It's not as though I am looking for someone to blame, I'm just trying to understand why my friends I was out with did not experience the same 'issues' that I did, that's what makes me think that I am different and far more susceptible to falling foul of the problems alcohol can cause.

At the moment I'm going to try and stay off the booze completely. I've done this before (3 months being my best) but this time not be tempted back because I think I'm over the problem just because I've abstained for so long. What happens is I think I can handle it again and then suddenly I'll have one of those memory loss drinking nights again which I am trying so badly to get away from.

Thanks for everyone's support
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