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Alcoholism and librium interaction.

I'm currently facing a dilemma; I've been at the emergency room all day due to alcohol-related issues. It was of course mandatory during the physical assessments to give me alcohol-withdrawal medication. Librium to be precise. Now I know mixing benzodiazepines is very dangerous in some cases, but I'm also going through mild withdrawal again...So should I drink? Is it safe? I took the tablet about 3 hours ago before leaving the hospital. Not sure why they thought that was a good idea to be honest, knowing this situation would occur. Any advice?
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If you have spent all day in the ER due to alcohol related issues i dont think it would be a very good idea to drink.  Have you thought about getting sober?
Yes, many times. I'd love to get sober and my family have tried to support me in finding a doctor willing, but there just isn't and private rehab is extortionate here. I seem to just be going around in circles; I know you can cut down gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms, but I seem to have a problem with maintaining that. I'm just very scared to be honest; the idea of withdrawal terrifies me...
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Should you DRINK?I don't think so...unless you want this cycle to repeat itself!
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Withdrawals are only temporary.  I would be more afraid of what will happen if you continue on this path.  It is a very grim outlook.  I know it is scary as i have been there.  I was drinking whiskey at 4:00 a.m. before work along with taking any drug i could get my hands on.  I have been sober many years and clean off drugs too.  Using is only a symptom of what is going on with you.  We were all running from something, mainly our emotions.  Ibizan has been down this road too so she knows what you are feeling right now too.  Keep talking with us as we are here to help.  There is hope so keep fighting~
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