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Any other methods besides AA?

Does anyone have this problem?
AA is so much like the "cult" type church I was raised in and was emotionally abused by, that I just can't go without a lot of anxiety. All the abuse stuff rushes over me and I can't really hear what they say, or respond.
I'd like to commit to posting every day on this and make this my "meeting" of sorts. Anyone else want to join my "Program?"
There is only one step:
Choose not to drink. Every day. That's it. Simple huh?
Let's talk about why it is hard to do.

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hi. aa is not the only way to sobriety, but it has been the most effective for myself and most other alcoholics i know. i get the anxiety thing too, i still fight with it today but in time it has become a little easier. anyhoo, welcome to the forum and hope it is helpful!    gm
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When my brother tried quitting he felt the same way about AA, He just didnt feel comfortable when he went there. What helped him was finally going to a rehab center, they had a different approach and he was very happy once he went there, It seemed to very effective - he has been  sober for a little over a year.
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glad to hear bout ur bro.....does he have sober ppl in recovery to be around now?that is so important..to socialize/share with others who have the same affliction.....i am an eclectic.......attended AA,NA,Rational Recovery and SOS...took what i could use and left the rest.....that was 25 years ago!still going strong today!
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I see u live in portland oregon?Secular organizations for sobriety aka SOS started out west in the early 90's,u should see if there are meetings close to you.Google this on the net and read....it is very good stuff!
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AA is not a perfect organization and there are some aspects of it that I do not find palatable but it did help me get sober. I would rather that people not get the mistaken impression that it is a cult. Cults have distinct features (such as a charismatic leader, mandatory monetary contributions, inflexible dogma) that AA does not share.

While I respect your decision not to use AA, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, because all you have then is a wet, critically injured baby.
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Sure there are other ways to stay from drinking, but I haven't found anyone as easy as AA nor one that works on the alcoholism in all areas. Drinking is merely a simptom to the sicknes, removing it is not enough and AA provides the healing necessary.
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I am so amazed that, as a community, so many responded!
Bless you!

Thank you all.
ibizan ---I don't live in Portland Oregon. It's the other coast: Maine. Portland Maine, a much more rugged culture.And maybe less progressive. . .

I have been reading "Zen Recovery" by Mel Ash, who seems to merge this thought with AA. He was in both simulantaniously.

I would like to "get off the world'' for a month and pursue these avenues, become completely committed, but jesus, X Christ-- I just got a pay cut yesterday, which is equivalant to my therapy sessions for a month, which are really important, since, (oh No!) I am bipolar Type 2

Keep encouraging me folks, because this pay cut is a real devastation. I thought I was just rounding the bend, and I made so little money that the economic downturn would pass me by. Guess what? The economic downturn is AIMED AT US LITTLE PEOPLE!
  Many blessings required here.
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Oops u r in rugged terrain there!!My sister lives in Eugene, Oregon.She is devout buddhist and introduced me to their lines of thought...i think zen and buddhist philosophy has some of the best stress and anger management stuff around and also teaches us to be more gentle on ourselves...yet but fully responsible for our thoughts and behaviors.I have learned and incorporated much of this in2 the many resources i have tapped in2 over the years for my recovery.Oh this economy just stinks and so many getting screwed over.....grrrr!BP 2 is a very challenging type to manage.....u hang in there and keep doing whatever it is that helps u 2 stay sober/clean!:)
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Thanks ibizan for the boost. I too feel that the Buddhist middle way has the key to the door to my peace. In Portland Maine it seems hard at this time, and this may be just my resistance,  to fine a sangha that meets at a time that is compatible with my work schedule.
In spite of the economic crunch, I still may be able to find a teacher and a group where I can meditate and I know that "when the student is ready, the teacher appears," so I sit in desperate silence and readiness, and hope the teacher shows up for the class real soon.. . . I'll be glad to clean the black boards.

While I wait, I made an amazing single layer chocolate cake with my own icing recipe i of chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee. I had my piece and will take the rest to my daughter's house, where there are many mouths. Yumm Yumm. Thank you
Buddha for the essence of life, which must be chocolate. . .
Being creative in my way, and producing something tangible to share with others is important to me.

Maybe time to volunteer for the soup kitchen here, you think?

Whatta ya think group? let's hear some "ready-set-go" comments. . .!

And shall we all get busy and cut out our own selves and our own navel gazing and just take one person under our wing, someone who needs encouragement, to follow through on their plan, and be a source of "yes you can. . . and  you won't know unless you try; we're here to help you try."

Let's volunteer and get out of ourselves and our own self centered dialog.

What'ya say? Let's get on it, and help others and show the world that Buddhist thought is contemplative AND  active. That the way of peace is not only passive, but also active and working toward divisions being healed, and separations being mended.

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OMIGOSH..that cake!i can taste it now...with some vanilla or chocolate ice cream and my coffee that many have said is hair raising!I have observed for many when newly clean and sober they want to help many others..and that is good...but there is a danger in that....getting overly invested in others and ignoring ur own new recovery  and special needs at this very fragile/vulnerable time which could lead to the helper getting overly stressed.....especially if the helpee is not responding and making changes...one may feel responsible for that which they are not.So tend to urself but be open to helping others as well...but never never forget that they must have a willingmess to help themselves and it is not ur responsibility to do for others what they are unwilling 2 do for themselves!:)
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I have totally been where you are regarding the thought about AA. When I first entered the rooms, I could not get past the "GOD" thing. I went back out several times throughout several years,still in question about how to get past the "religious like cult of AA". It finally got to the point that the bottom I experienced was scary and I was scared enough that my life was more important than having a drink. In the rooms, they always say you can get off the elevator when ever you want to and you don't have to hit bottom, because ultimately the rock bottom is DEATH. whether you have a religious background or not. I think I fit best in the Bhuddist / spiritual category. I have had to look past the AA's who talk about GOD and think of G.O.D. as "Good Orderly Direction" whenever they talk about it. That helped me in the beginning. The other part that I had a very hard part with is the realization that my "spirituality" and relationship with the spiritual part of me whether you call it "GOD" or Energy, IT IS NO ONE ELSE's BUSINESS. It is between me and my spiritual self.
I have tried several different Non AA ways: behavioral therapy is great, it does work, there is one in the east called: Rational Recovery. They may have meetings in your area. The thing is tey are few and far between and in the beginning I know I needed meetings more often than once in awhile. I find that meeting and talking to people helps me the most. I have also found a wonderful meeting here in my area, that is called the meditational meeting. Unfortunately it is a 6:30 am, but at this point I am ready to go as far as I can to stay sober. I can not live the way I did. It is too dangerous and too much Chaos. So, there are people who are in your shoes. You just have to be willing to seek them out. Good luck. You can always talk to me. I so understand where you are. Hang in there. It will get better with time.
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ibizan thank you for mentioning the SOS group. I had never heard of it before, but I found the women's group online, and after a few weeks of reading the ongoing daily conversations, I recently started to post and I am really getting a lot out of it. I've mentioned it to a few other people too. I have also got a lot out of Buddhist and Eastern Philosophy, meditation and yoga over the years and especially lately found that the combination of all these things (including this website) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have been very helpful for me.
Thank you EK for starting this thread. I hope you are all doing well and having a great New Year! I know I am really enjoying sobriety! ;-)
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Get some atabuse i have it but have never had to use it thank god.
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its Antabuse not atabuse!it has a low sucess rate and has unpleasant side effects for men....Campral has a much better track record!
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the campral is a good med when combined with other recovery stuff. antabuse is great unless you're a stubborn alkie like me who has to find things out firsthand. but if there's no associated program (be it aa, spirituality, therapy or kung fu) the campral still won't do it alone but it has a great track record when used as one of an assortment of tools. and it doesn't make you feel like you're dying if you drink on it like me (no, once wasn't enough, i had to do it 3 times---as if it would be different). i more or less have proven to myself that it's much better to take measures to prevent the drink, than rely on negative consequences if i do. i had negative consequences for 20 years and i still drank.   gm
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