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Blackouts and neurological damage...

Okay, I have posted here before about blackouts and drinking but I've noticed a new problem arising. Since my last post I have tried my best to heed to warnings and severely limit my alcohol intake. I'm at a point now where I may have a glass of wine once in a while. However, I have still been experiencing blackouts but these occur during the day when I'm not drinking at all, or haven't drank in days. I also have trouble with writing, my ability to balance (on two feet and with walking) and with speaking. I'm not sure if this is alcohol related or not but it seems like my health issues have gotten worse since drastically cutting back my alcohol consumption. I'm guessing I should quit drinking all together just to be sure but I'm not completely convinced this is all alcohol related. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Alcohol causes brain damage. Not an if, and or maybe. If you are experiencing  blackouts it suggests that there is serious brain damage. You must never, ever have another drink. Not wine. Not beer..
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when is the last time you had a complete physical,bloodwork and have been totally honest with your family doctor @ your drinking?
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Those are serious symptoms. Could you have had a seizure? I don't see how decreasing your alcohol intake can cause those symptoms. Unless you have a severe addiction and they are withdrawal symptoms. That is extremely serious, you could drop dead. Even if that is not the case you need to consult a doctor. Maybe you had a mini stroke and didn't know. Seek medical attention.
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You must go and be honest with a member of the medical profession and take the tests that they suggest. Otherwise you are like a ticking time bomb. Your body is letting you know that you need help from a doctor, listen to it, please. For yourself, and your family , please take your symptoms seriously.

I sure wouldn't be drinking if i were you. You need to check out AA meetings in order to have the support of the group, and a sponsor when you have cravings, and you will have cravings. Alcoholism is a serious disease, that requires your full attention. I pray you will do the right thing and be honest with a doctor.

We are here to talk at any time. But it is you that must reach out for help. We can't do that for you. If we could, we would. As most of us here have suffered greatly from Alcoholism.

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Hmm...I have similar symptoms and my Drs started exploring the problems...same thing...I have been an alcoholic forever.  I stopped for 8 years...but the last 2 years..I struggle (sober 1 month now).  

They have been investigating my blood work..But the most interesting and disturbing thing to me...is the Neurologist report says "Abnormal Brain MRI".  The person at the MRI place that made the report said "numerous hyperintensities on deep white matter"....

SO..I ask the freaking specialist (the Neurology Dr).  Is this WHY I am like this?  .  I ask..is it from a brain injury I had? Is it from drinking? Do you think this is why I am forgetting things?  They freaking say....could be, dunno  There are only certain conditions I guess that can be Absolutely attributed to a condition...Like MS...only targets certain parts of the brain and it shows up in a certain color...and pattern.  So they say..."you definitely don't have MS".  Which I thought I had because my sister has it.

I had a positive ANA blood result..which could mean various things..I am going thru testing now..but most of the things they are testing for do not cause the symptoms I am having.  When I go back to discuss a Memory test I'm going to have.  I'm going to flat out ask...How can a report say abnormal brain scan and YOU cant tell me if these specific spots...are causing me any of these problems...Why don't you know?

I guess my point is..you should go to the Dr and ask for a referral to a Neurologist..because they are on to something with me..a Rheumatologist is doing blood work on me now.  But, I will report back to the Neurologist.   But, sometimes they CANT tell us what ...I just want them to say...yea....by the looks of your brain scan...it could cause the problems you describe.  

The Neurologist office I am seeing is known as a very reputable Dr.....I'm not so sure thou...really?  I think they just focused on MS...and I felt rushed every time I went in there...I had late appts and they were rushing in my mind...but again..I don't think accurately either...Good luck to you..but explore your symptoms.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback, I appreciate it. I've been to the Neurologist and they refuse to run any type of tests on me. They did that back in January and don't feel it necessary to repeat them. The doctor is just telling me that I have bad  anxiety and that's what's causing my problems, he then (basically) threw pills at me and told me to come back in a couple of months. I wasn't honest about my past or present alcohol consumption either.

*Side note as well, my regular doctor doesn't call it blacking out he explained it as I'm losing time. Sometimes hours or days but there's no memory when this happens.
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If you haven't been honest about your drinking, then they are unable to give you a  proper diagnosis, and don't have the information to consider episodes as blackouts, Odd that they wouldn't have asked you if you drink, but it wouldn't be the first time a doctor made a mistake. One must be proactive and help the doctor to make a comprehensive diagnosis.
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