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Concerned about my health due to alcohol

This past Wednesday I drank half a bottle of 151 proof everclear and a half a bottle of 40%abv vodka. It was over the course of the entire day, and i never felt sick or tired. I was drinking lots of water. I didnt black out or passout, until i took benedryl. I didnt have a hangover the next day, and felt fine overall.

Im worried i might have damaged my liver. ive been drinking a lot of alcohol these past two weeks. If there is damage, would it be repairable? Or can you drink yourself into liver failure in a single night?
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You cannot drink yourself into liver failure in a single night!
Not even with extremely high alcohol content drinks like everclear? It's 75% and and I drank half a bottle in an evening along with the vodka. And having not drunken anything for about a week mow I'm still having gastrointestinal discomfort and pains where my liver is.

Maybe not liver failure, but with the high content alcohol maybe some sort of damage could have been incurred?
Yes !!  You are (will) cause damage to Your liver and Your entire nervous system if You continue to drink these massive amounts of alcohol.  This I know is true.  

and now.......I have a question for You:  If You are concerned about the AMOUNT You are drinking and the "extremely high alcohol content" of the alcohol You are drinking - why then, do You continue to drink ??  In this year (2017) EVERYONE knows alcohol is harmful.  It WILL kill You.  Trouble is it  cripples and maims You and Your relationship(s) first - then it kills You.

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Update on symptoms
>pale tan looking stools
>intercostal pains to the left of my right nipple
>back pain on the right side near kidney
>muscle spams which could just be withdrawl symptoms

i drank about 3/4 a fifth of vodka yesterday, and not 5 days before that i finished a fifth with a 6-pack of beer. Ive been drinking for 3 years and my alcohol consumption has increased in the past 6 months to absurd levels. If i did get liver damage, would these be the symptoms of alcoholic hepatits, fatty liver, or outright liver failure and cirrhosis?

Im trying not to be anxious about it, but its bothering me. Ive stopped drinking since last night, and plan to not partake for a long time. I need to reverse whatever is happening now.
also having pain on the right side of my belly button.
all this and You are still drinking ?? ?? !! !!
Oh hell no, ive quit cold turkey for the time being until i go to the doctor. Ive read that its a good idea to keep drinking though, to help minimize the hazardous side effects of withdrawal, but i decided to tough it out, even if it means brain damage.
oh well, yes i am still drinking. Apparently im an alcoholic, but i drink on occasion, i just dont realize how MUCH i drink until afterward . Ive never felt as bad as i had until recently due to my drinking. Since my last session, i stopped completely.
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