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Delirium state from alcohol/dehydration/ecstacy?

This summer I partied a lot, and was drinking a lot of alcohol. I was never one to drink water inbetween drinks, and would always wake up hungover. I happened to do ecstacy one night (1 pill, my 3rd pill in my life), where it seriously dehydrated me and I had a bad trip. I would have a flashback here and there of that night when I would drink in the next weeks after i took the ecstacy. Where things got weird for me was when I binged a lot one night in July and ended up waking up delerious the next day. I had dim vision, lethargy, a thousand thoughts going through my head, and bad anxiety and depression.  I lost sense of time and kept forgetting where I was and kept having to reassure myself where I was. I started to drink a lot of water through the next couple weeks, but kept partying. I would continue to be delerious throughout the summer, until I finally decided to stop drinking. Once I stopped drinking, I think I was suffering from delerium tremens. Its been week 6 now that ive stopped drinking, and every week the delirium has faded and I feel better by the day. My friend who is a psychologist said my delirium wasnt from dehydration, it was from the ecstacy pill and all the binge drinking that triggered my mind to change. I still believe it had something to do with dehydration and not having the right chemical balances in my body. Can someone offer me more insight on delerium, and give me a reasonable explanation to what happen to me?
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We already gave you our thoughts on this on your last thread.
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true, but im still confused. What is it that causes delirium? What is it in the brain that goes unbalanced that causes the mind to change?
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Ecstasy and alcohol are chemicals.  When we put them in our bodies they effect the chemical makeup of the brain causing it to change how we think feel and act.  Exactly how it happens I don't know. I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or whoever it is that knows the science behind it all.  I prefer to keep things simple.  When I used to put drugs and alcohol into my body I used to get deleriuos and would have hallucinations.  Since I have stopped putting alcohol and drugs into my body the deleriouness and hallucinations have stopped.  Sure being dehydrated didn't help.  The major factor here is the alcohol and the drugs.  If you are interested in the science behind it because you are truly interested, then go ahead and learn all you want.  If you are only interested because you want find a way to still drink and drug then I suggest you check your motives.  Good job on the six weeks.  As you said life is getting better by the day.  Why mess with it?
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Great reply punkinhead..i'm on with all of it!mr.y-r u smoking pot?doing any other drugs like prescription or off the street benzos or opiates?
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Your hallucinations were not caused by dehydration.  It was from the chemicals that you put in your body. X causes dehydration and that has been linked to deaths of people using it.  You cant put those sort of drugs in your body and expect good results.  You are lucky to be here to talk about it.

Congrats on the 6 weeks!!
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