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Diary keeping and address unknown emotions

As part of my recovery, I need to keep a dairy for my councillor regarding my drinking pattern, situation I'm in and how I am feeling.  I don't have an individual emotion to pin point and to document I just know it's the same ritual every day of drinking and the same feelings and I am struggling
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Pouring the thoughts on to paper allows the reflection in your mind. You could start with a short summary with how your day went or how you are feeling at a particular moment of time or a day or date in your life. Sometimes those writings become memories we can look up at to see how far we have come or how it used to be or how it is. I do not know what your doctor actually meant but I just want to tell you that it does work similar to therapy. You could also write about any topic of your general interest in any aspect of life.  You could enjoy it or you may find it difficult to write but in any way do channelize your mind through ink on paper as that will be a part of your progress.
Take care!
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I SO AGREE JIMMY!Thank You for posting!
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