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Do the holidays make your family drunk drink more?

This time of year is so triggering to many people.  I don't know if it is all the memories and melancholy this year might provoke, all of the over expectation of joy, all the celebrating and opportunity that is there to partake.  Or all the knowing you might be poor in January after gift buying and extra food buying.  Seeing difficult triggering relatives is hard too.  Is it just my take on it, or is this a time of year that we are lucky if our loved one who suffers alcoholism stays sober?  

Has a loved one ruined your holidays before with their drinking?
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I think 37 years ago I may have negatively affected my family members w/my excessive drinking!Alcohol hasn't been a part of my life for that many years.My parents are gone,and family dynamics change.Plus w/COVID,no one got together.When we had get togethers,my siblings were fairly lightweight drinkers or none at all. I got out of a 25 day program 12-21-83 and being @ alcohol then was tempting,but I knew better.I had a committment to stay sober.I had urges but never forgot how my consequences played out.I stayed @ sober people and attended gatherings(pre-COVID) where alcohol wasn't available.I'd like to see some other comments here from anyone else reading this who can relate to it!Thank You for posting!
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I'm on day 26 of being sober.  I'm 59 and drank since I was 16 or 17.  I was a party animal... booze, drugs or whatever.  I joined the service and became a sailor at 26 and for the next 28 years was limited to heavy drinking.  During those 28 years, I did 14 years sea time.  The  Cutters I was assigned to were underway approx 6 months per year.  Since there is no alcohol allowed while on patrol, that would limit my drinking to a couple 2-3 day port calls once or twice during a 6 to 8 week deployment.  So for half of my military career, I had to take significant breaks from alcohol.  I think this may be why I have very little to no detox symptoms when I go totally sober.  I quit drinking on Mother's Day in 2013 due to pleadings by my spouse and a military promotion, transfer and many added responsibilities... I figured if I wanted to finish my career on a positive note I would need to be sober.  I retired from the military in 2015 and settled in Louisiana.  In 2017 I made the mistake of sneaking some wine brought into the house by a relative.  That was all it took, soon it was a half pint then a pint of vodka then a 750.  By 2020 I was up to 600-750 ml of vodka per day.  Between my Dr. and the cardiologist he referred me to, I used New Year's Day as a stepping off point, hence me being on Day-26.  This is the 2nd time I am sober and I intend to keep it that way now, due to my dear supportive spouse and my poor liver.
So good to hear from you here! Keep up the good one day at a time work with not drinking. So nice to have a supportive spouse and prayers that liver gets to healing!

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