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Looking for friends on here. Have gotten some great advice and support. Sent out some requests to those who have commented, no confirms yet. Anyone interested or has the time please lets be friends. Very new to this and really like this site it's helping me alot. I find myself coming here when I think about a drink or anything related.
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Hi Miss Determined. My name is lesa. I'm a addict that turned to drink forever that turned to drugs that turned to drink that finally had enough killing myself that I too stopped !! Congrats on your decision to take your life back ! I also belong to the Addiction Substance abuse community It is very active Alcohol is a drug after all. I lived in these forums when I first was getting clean I also found Outdoors as a Great outlet for my anxiety I picked up a camera and have turned it into a hobby It sorta has taken the void of the time I would spend drinking and drugging. Seen a great Phyc. for a lil over a year have my Dr. involved in my recovery as well as my friends and family.. Many use AA as a means of outside support and others their pastors our addiction therapist, but I feel it is essential we have outside support of some kind. We need to be accountable to more then ourselves. How are you sleeping ? Are you eating well ? exercising ? All this has helped me.. Dealing with my past was the most Helpful ! Anyway Miss Determined It has been nice meeting you and Congrats again on your decision to take your life back !! It feels good not to be stagnate in our lives but to move forward. Happy for you and yours !! lesa
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Thank you so much for sharing!! I have always had an issue with not sleeping well consistently. That hasn't changed much. Although I did sleep well last night. Despite the anxiety attack. I haven't began exercising again but I certainly need to. I love the outdoors and LOVE the idea of taking pictures outdoors. I live right near a park and forest so that would be perfect!!!! My eating is okay, no real change in that. I don't usually over eat. Congrats on your recovery and I look forward to chatting with you more!!
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Good Morning.. Sleeping is a problem for many of us I have found in my time here that a lot of us share things in common like anxiety sleeping difficulties and so on. Self medicating sure does not work ! I was just looking at your pics You live in a Beautiful area ! I also live close to the water. So how do you like the mornings ? After I quit drinking it became my favorite time of day.. It feels so good to wake up not hung over, to get out of bed with a stomach that is calm. All the things when I drank how I feel when I first woke were negative Now I wake I look forward to getting up I feel good not wrung out.. The crisp air feels good so many things :) Food is really important especially the greens and fruits We strip our body of nutrients with the alcohol. are body's are starved for nutrients and water! Most of us are so dehydrated and we do not know it. Alcohol does this too us.. It does so much too us and those we love.. Anyway Miss. Determined I'm glad you are up and about and in a good mood ! It is a Beautiful day here in Cali and I hope the same for you.. Congrats on another day Sober Whoo Hooo !!
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