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Happy CL anniversary to ibizan!

Please take a moment to reach out to ibizan, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate her! She has been a Community Leader in this community for 10 years. :)

Congratulations! The MedHelp Team appreciates you!  
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RANDY!!!!  I was so excited to see you had posted!!  I have missed you!
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Congrats ibizan!  You have been such a huge part of my recovery.   You have shown me what compassion, strength and honesty is all about.  I have so enjoyed getting to know.  If i can be half the person you are i will be happy.  Thank you for guiding me thru some pretty tough times, even when you didnt know you did.  Just know you have made a difference in my life.

Calamity and the Weagle say Congrats too!!  Give your 4 leggeds a big hug, pat and kiss from me!
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Thank You Sarah!Your insights wit and humor have bolstered my recovery as well!Much love from my 4 leggeds to you and yours!
You ladies are both so incredible, words don't really express how much of yourselves you having given to helping others. Ibizan, congratulations my dear friend, I don't believe there is anything you cant do! Thank you so much on behalf of the thousands of people you have helped here in your corner of MedHelp!!! Many of us will remain forever grateful!

Thank You Randy!Your wise contributions here have been valued by many!I love you my fellow cyber recovery friend and fellow music head!:)
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Thank You Emily!Love to assist those serious @ wanting recovery from alcohol and drugs!Thank You for thinking of me!
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