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Heavy bleeding during periods

can heavy bleeding and moodswings be corrected by uterus removal . I get restless and consume alcohol and feel live ending my life . Can uterus removal help in getting me off alcohol and these disturbing thought.
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Removing your uterus will not make you stop drinking.  Your mind will get you to stop.  I recommend you talking to an OB/ Gyn about this.  If you have heavy bleeding and mood swings there are things they can do for that.  Drinking isnt one of them.  Make that appt.
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I echo what dominosarah just said!
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I always agree with Sarah (ha ha) but I would like to add that I think you have some other problems going on as well. The suicidal thinking and alcoholism I believe to be much more than just a hormone disorder and further help is needed.

You should see your general doctor immediately to talk about anti-depressants or counseling. I am glad you found this group since you really need someone to help you feel better. Once your mental state is more stable then you can deal with quitting drinking. We will be glad to help! It's just one step at a time, much like the key to quit drinking. Please keep us posted with how you are doing and take care.

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