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Heavy drinker needs advice

Hello, I am worried about what my drinking has done to my body. I am 27-years old and have been drinking for 10 years, and my use has escalated throughout the years. I would say I averaged 6 drinks a day for 8 years, but this last 2 years I have gone up quite a bit, and have been consuming a gallon of vodka a week. I know how terrible that sounds, but I am currently slowing down as fast as possible, but still drinking. To be honest, I would not be able to stop drinking altogether right now, but I have tried to limit it. What worries me is that I do get sharp pains in several areas of my torso. Also, about once every month or two I will get VERY sick for a few hours. It is a weird sickness that lasts several hours in the morning and I repeatedly vomit, sweat, shake, can hardly walk, etc. I always assumed it was liver or kidneys, but seems like it may be symptoms from my pancreas. Although I'm sure all organs have been at least somewhat affected. Although abstinence is the ABSOLUTE best answer, I need help in maintaining my health as best as possible as I slowly try to stop drinking. I have no insurance, little money AND I'm scared to death of doctors. I'm looking for over-the-counter medications, remedies, diets, etc. that can help my organs maintain until I can get the treatment I need. I would like to get healthier before I go to a Doctor and get a death sentence that I would not be able to take. Thank you.
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   Hi i will tell you not to stop drinking all of a sudden Dont go cold turkey please see a Doctor sit down and tell him what you are going thru and you will get all the options open to you please try Take care .........Bob
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Hi Matt,
I know what you are going through man since I have been in your shoes. 20 years of drinking and now I live with end stage cirrhosis. Diagnosed 03-23-11 (Age: 38) Let me tell you this Matt, the sooner you stop drinking the better off you will be. I managed to quit by tapering down more and more each night until at one point I thought to myself "I got this". I have to warn you though that quitting without going to detox can be very dangerous. It can lead to seizures, coma and in rare cases death. Contact your local AA group and they can help lead you in the right direction so you may be able to get rehab free.

Also don’t be foolish by waiting to see a doctor! There is a good chance your liver is not cirrhotic yet but maybe fatty or fibrotic. Cirrhosis is not a death sentence. You can learn how to live with this disease and live a full life but it all depends on how early it is detected. Matt your only 27, your heath is declining.  Think about your family, the people that love you. Now is the time to fix this my friend before it’s too late. I wish the very best for you Matt and if you need any help with questions or researching any of this please let me know. I will be glad to help you.  Take care and God bless you.


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Hey Matt,

I agree with the others about seeking medical help and not going cold turkey.  I was sober for 11 months, 29 days before I relapsed last year.  This year, I was drinking 1 gallon of vodka every 3 days until I ended up in the hospital 2x.  I have a friend who did develop pancreatitis from being an alcoholic.  I ended up with critical low blood count (I was down 4 pints!) due to my drinking.  I almost seized out and that's how I found out.  My dr. put me on a drug called Campral that has saved my life.  It helps curb the desire to drink but will not make you sick if you do relapse and drink while taking it.  I have been like a new person since I've been taking it.  My cravings are gone even though I am in therapy for treating the anxiety that fueled my addiction.  If you can get to a detox center, then go! I couldn't and my dr put me on valium for 2 weeks to help with the detox and then the Campral.  Don't wait to seek help before it's too late.  It took me an ambulance ride and a 5 day stay in the hospital for me to stop and take a good look at what I was doing not only to myself, but to my husband and kids.  I don't want to die before it's my time and I certainly don't want to die at the bottom of a bottle.  I will say some prayers for you.  You are so young (I'm 43, I celebrated my bday in the hospital) and I feel young too.  There is help out there, and people who love and care about you. Lots of love and hope coming your way.  

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I've seen Campral work wonders for many combined w/counseling and a support group/system.Keep us posted here on ur progress!
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