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Help! Dizzy after drinking

Help! I am 23 years old and have been binge drinking for 10 years now, 6 months ago I started having these attacks after drinking..I started having these attacks where I would be dizzy and light headed like I am going to pass out < it happens to me in the worse places, planes, Trains , Underground tubes .. It seems to be the worse when I am drinking.
When it happens I start feeling dizzy like I am going to faint sometimes I loose circulation through my entire body, I cant close my hands its a tingling sensation through my legs and then my body will start to freak out and that is when the panic attack comes in, My eyes feel heavy like they want to close ( It almost feels like I am going to have a seizure, I cant go to sleep because I am scared I will not wake up ) It is the worst feeling in the world . At the start I thought it was something more serious like my liver or my kidneys are playing up from all the drinking, I had bloods done and they came back semi ok ! Then I booked in for a MRI which will be this Friday. When it happens I feel as though it is something very serious because the feeling is unbearable. But I do not know the cause. My doctor told me its "panic attacks" I believed her at first but then I thought when these attacks start it doesn't start with me panicking about anything ! My body only starts to panic because its trying to fight not fainting or passing out and my body is scared. I get really up set when this happens and it also makes me want to cry, 3 weeks ago I completely cut down the drinking  slowly eliminating things it may be- I started eating well, Sleeping well, exercising well .. I do feel much much better than I did one month ago but the attacks still have not fully gone away ! I have not completely given up on drinking I still have one occasionally with friends - Now when I have one drink I can start to feel ODD and dizzy while I am drinking it when usually the attacks happen the day after I have been drinking . What do you all think the cause of this is ???? And how do I resolve it ??????
Also when this attack has happened on a plane, Tube or at heights it has now created a sense of fear for all these things and has made me not want to get on a plane or tube or anything high ! Please help me
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what does semi-ok mean on bloodwork?results of MRI?have you had a complete neurological exam?
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Dizziness and panic attracks are what led me to this forum years ago.  There may be lots of causes and I'm no doctor. But after years of drinking, I began to experience these symptoms.  They gradually faded when I stopped drinking, but would return if I drank even a small amount. Like you, my bloodwork was good and I exercise regularly. My CT Scan showed fatty liver,but that is very common for drinkers.  When I finally quit drinking, the problem disappeared.  It took months to completely return to normal, but I got there.  

My personal opinion is that drinking affects your central nervous system. The constant swings from being drunk to sobering up will really mess with your system and your body has no chance to be "normal", or to even know what normal might be.

You say you are a binge drinker; I don't know what that means in terms of frequency or quantity.  But at this stage it's not doing you any good.  Don't cut back ; stop drinking complely.  I'm betting your dizziness will leave you after a period of time.  BTW, I was so bad at one point, that I couldn't drive my car on the highway.....I felt like I was going to pass out or lose control. Today, I can race my bicycle down a hill at 35 mph with complete confidence.
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