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I am desperate to stop drinking alcohol.  It seems like I cannot make it a day without. Just some background in '06 I decided to try an IOP program after 3 months, I was recommended to do 30 days in "h**ll" for inpatient therapy.  AA does not do it for me.  Based on that info. does anyone have an idea of what I should do now?  I also suffer from extreme OCD and Bi-polar 1.  I have so many battles going on in my head, I need some serious guidance.  I have a psych. for meds, and see an OCD counselor. She wants me to get off the alcohol so I can just work on the OCD.  Life is looking pretty grim for me.  I feel like I stand alone.  My husband is very supportive.  

I am bouncing around ideas - should I detox - then enroll in an IOP?  Should I try another 21 day program (which makes me sick) I had a horrible experience at my local one. I didn't get my completion coin because I drank on my weekend pass and had a friend sneak out a window to buy alcohol.

My life *****.  Anyone have any suggestions?
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I am curious as to  why AA dose not work for you.
For AA to work you need to get involved doing service, get a sponsor and work the program.
Give it an honest try.

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Have you tried taking Antabuse?  It is a prescription drug that you take daily.  If you drink while on it, you get violently ill.  I don't want you to get sick, but it could work as a deterrant.
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I personally do not like the idea of Antabus (but then again, it may help you as it helped others) ; it doesn't help with the mind set, the psychological issues. Campral can help you, it'll help with the cravings, but only AFTER you've detoxed. I respect that you have problems with AA, not everybody "likes" it, BUT you have to remember that it is your own choice that you drank while tryi g to work it. Also, one bad experience doesn't mean it can't work out some other timw. However, it's your choice and your feelings, but you MUST detox. I would go to the hospital to do that. They'll help you through that process with tranquilizers, vitamin B, potassium, rest, and food when you are able to eat. After that you need a pragram of sorts if you're not the type of person who can "jusy" tell herself to not drink. There are other alternatives than AA; Google it! Rehab is very expensive, but if you talk to your local social workers they can help you to find something you can get into without a cost. I don't know if you have insurance, medicaid or nothing so it all depends. I have issues with AA, too, but it is good for me all the same. However, I live in New York City and here there is thousands and thousands of different meetings every day/ night all over the year. My groupos are just wonderful and it's the people themselves rather than the philosophy that help me. THE most important thing, though, is that you WANT to stop drinking. Also, not only do you HAVE to to treat your psychological afflictions, just like your doctor said, but your psychological issues can also be a mere RESULT of your drinking! You must detox as soon as you can! Good luck and all the best! Kindly/ Pia
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Thanks for the info.  I've done the Campral and Naltrexone route.  They only cut my limit of how much I drink.  When I was in rehab I had to go to an AA meeting everyday - no excuses.  I don't like the no choice deal.  I was paying big bucks - they needed to taylor more to my needs.  I have found a (local) 3 1/2 hours away rehab.  My lcsw has heard nothing bad from the clients he has sent there.  However, I have to get approval from my insurance to go.  Then I have this desire not to go, because I have a 9 year old and frankly it's hard to explain all of mom's problems to her.  Today is a really bad for me.  I'll probably end up in bed all day.  Some days it just seems like why try.  I have really put my heart into this all week - I all I seem to get are dead ends. Thanks for listening.
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AA was my first attempt at getting sober.  It was at my church - I felt very uneasy.  No one seemed to acknowledge me.  One woman said "why are you hear? you can't possibly have a problem.  That was a huge turn off for me. I know, I know, you are going to say look around for other meetings get a sponsor.  When I was in rehab I had to attend every day. All were about chanting and listening to war stories.  This made want to drink even more.  I may try AA again but, it will be a last ditch effort. thanks
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I have thougt long and hard about Antabuse - it is just not practical for me.  I use alcohol as a decontaminate for my (OCD) and I am not giving up everything toiletry with alcohol in it.  Thanks for the idea.
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