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I quit drinking a week and a half ago from being a pretty regular drinker for a long time.
I am having very uncomfortable withdrawals symptoms...anxiety, nausea and insomnia. How long does this last? Help?
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People can get into SERIOUS medical problems trying to deal with withdrawal minus medical help.You need to see your family doctor and be totally honest @ your drinking history ASAP!
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I agree with Ibizan. You can still get into trouble with seizures from going cold turkey with the liquor. It would be best for you to be monitored by a doctor, and maybe given some medication to help with your withdrawal. Please talk to your doctor as soon as you can and get their support. That being said, Congratulations on your choice to quit drinking. It's something that i've never heard anyone say that they regret their sobriety unlike their usage. So, keep up the good work. When i finally quit, it was essential that i had a few lifelines in place, an Addictions Therapist, helped me to talk about why i started to drink, and it really helped me to stop hating myself for what i fell into. I became more able to forgive myself, as i was faced with family who could not forgive me, and it was detrimental to my sobriety. I also went to AA in my early sobriety, mainly to "closed" women's groups, where i found a sponsor and got the numbers of other women going through what i was going through in the first years of sobriety. I wanted to have my bases loaded and it helped me in ways that made the difference between my last attempt at sobriety and my earlier attempts of sobriety. It might help you too to think about an after care program. Having a sponsor that you can call , that you know understands what you're feeling, can be critical to continued sobriety.

Do you have any support systems with other clean and sober addicts.?
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The worst symptoms are usually over during the first 10 days. Although a certain amount of anxiety may continue on/off for some time after that. I agree about seeing a Doctor..... You may need something to to calm your system.  This WILL get better though.  Once you are on the other side, you'll be happier and more relaxed.
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Any reasonable doctor would give you something like a 5 day tapered does of medicine to ease the discomfort, anxiety, and medical risks.  You may need to have someone dispense the medicine for you though, as it can be tempting.  Best to have someone sober there to help you through this anyway.
Suffering doesn't make you stronger.
In my case, suffering didn't even convince me to stop drinking...
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