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High Blood Alcohol Content And High Blood Sugar

I have Type 1 Diabetes and have very high blood sugar ( in the 400-600 range). I take 5 shots of insulin a day but am insulin resistant. Had 4 drinks and got pulled over and got a DWI. I'm wondering if there is any correlation between having a high blood alcohol content and high blood sugar, as high blood sugar turns into alcohol. Anyone know?
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It's true, my beloved, lost his life to his diabetes type one being out of control, and he drank only very moderately. Having type 1 diabetes,means you cannot drink. if you want to quit, there is help through AA , in fact they have an audio Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book free, as well as the ebook, and the 12 steps and 12 traditions free on their website, AA.org.

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Yes, alcohol affects blood sugar level - Each and Every time it's consumed.

that being said,

High blood sugar and high blood alcohol content would be 2 separate elements measured in Your blood.

80% of the alcohol from EVERY drink goes directly to the blood stream and, THAT is why You have high blood alcohol content. Four drinks would put everyones' blood alcohol above the legal limit

Alcohol is harmful to the body - as is diabetes.  Alcohol often causes diabetes (among many other health conditions) and a person with diabetes should not consume alcohol.
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