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How bad is my partners chirrosis.

My best friend was diagnosed with chirrosis of the liver 5 years ago.  He continues to drink - about 1 litre at day (that's what he says although I think it is more like 2 or 3).  He has had banding of the osephagus due to bleeding.  He also suffers epileptic seizures where he "goes in and out" and cant remember anything.  My question is, he has just started having "accidents" and losing control of his bowels.  He wont let me go to the doctors with him, but I am afraid that he is getting worse.  Can someone tell me what I should be looking out for and how to help?  Thank yoi
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Sounds like your friend doesn't want help!:(With what you describe,and the continued drinking,the best you can do is to attend Al-Anon,if you aren't already.Its sad to watch,but we cannot control others choices to self destruct!
Ditto ibizan !!  The only person You can help here is YourSelf - by educating YourSelf regarding alcohol AND the alcoholic.  I'm sorry to sound abrupt but if these symptoms are not enough to stop Your Friend from drinking, there is NOTHING You can do or say to achieve that.  I know this is difficult to see in someone You care about but You can only help YourSelf and only He can help HimSelf.  This I know is true
Thank You Tink!I see this on a daily basis for the past 32 years!
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