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How long will my dad live for (alcoholism)

My dad has been an alcoholic for the past 20+ years. He drinks 12 units a day at least, and I'm getting increasingly worried. Last year he was diagnosed with alcohol hepatitis. I'm terrified. I'm only fourteen. As much as I'm scared and don't want to lose my dad, I also want an honest answer, without sugar coating anything.  Do you think that my dad's life is at risk, and if it is, how long does he have to live?
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No one can give you an exact number of how many days he has left,but the days grow shorter as he continues to drink and totally destroy his liver!where is your mom in all of this?
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My mom lives on the other side of the country with my step family so she isn't around often. Thanks for your answer anyway.
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If your dad has mild alcohol hepititis and stops drinking the damage is potentially reversable but if your dad's condition is severe it is serious and life threatening but there is no knowing how long someone can live with this because every case is different sorry I haven't answered your whole question
my dad was an alcoholic for around 30 years I never thought he would quit he is now over 6 weeks sober so there is hope I wish you the best and hope you have good support around you x
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