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Husband drinking liter a day of vodka

My husband is 52, weights 319 pounds, 6 feet and is drinking approx. 1 liter a day of vodka.   He has been an alcholic since his early 20s but he started drinking according to his mother at age 14.  

My question is:  is 1 liter a day a lot for alcholics?   He had a heart scare in January.. saw a cardiologist who then sent him to a kidney dr. the same day..then to an endocrinologist for high blood sugar.   All three doctors changed his medications.  He has high blood pressure, high sugar.   I say he's drinking a liter a day because I put a mark on the bottle at home.   He may have another bottle at work as he works in an office with only 2 people, and the other guy is usually on the road.    I just wanted to know is one liter a lot for an alcholic?  he drinks it within a few hours..  he had changed to wine from january till last month when he had the health scare..but is back on the vodka..which he has been drinking for 15 years..before that it was a case of beer a day..    

I did seek help but I cannot move out and would lose too much by way of my health insurance, benefits, etc.    So that isnt an option for me.  
thanks for any info...
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To answer your main question, yes, a liter a day is a lot, even for an alcoholic. It is 10 times more than what could be considered moderate. And alcohol contains sugar, so in addition to everything else, it's contributing to his high blood sugar. I would be willing to bet he also has a bottle hidden at the shop.

When he went to the doctors, did he tell them about his drinking? And do you know if he has had his liver checked? Drinking that much and for that long has almost definitely caused liver damage, would be a good idea to have that checked.

Since you say you can't leave, I recommend that you check for an Al-Anon meeting near you that you can attend, you are going to need a lot of support. We can help with support here, but some close at hand, live help would be a great idea.
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yes he drinks WAY 2 much....he is pushing his luck being among the living with his drinking and health problems....michealgc gave u good suggestions here i hope u follow them!
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Thanks for the info.   No, he didnt tell the drs. he drinks...  I know his blood tests came out normal except for urine... had very high protein...I think the normal was 50 and his was in the 300s.. there was another component to the urine test and the normal was about 40 and his numbers were in the 300s..i had saved a copy of it but put it away..  
he also has type 2 diabetes and the endocronologist gave him a new type of medication to inject twice a day..  and to test his blood sugar... he hasnt lost any weight and that was 5 months ago...  

Yes Im sure he keeps a bottle at work since there is no one there and he has his own office with a lock on the door.   He wont go to rehab and I tried and asked his sisters to help but they refused to do an intervention (they live in 2 different states).    Yes and he drinks the liter of vodka in a short time--3 hours and gets up for work the next day...one morning I saw his eyes and they were transparent...they are normally blue but this day he had no color..refuses to go to the hospital. etc..  

I havent been to Al-Anon because I went for counseling....I live in a different section of the house and only have to see him in the kitchen...  

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Cheryl, although the doctors will eventually figure out that he's drinking, especially since he's never going to balance his blood sugar this way, but I would recommend that you contact the doctor and tell them, just ask them not to let him know you said anything if it's going to cause you problems at home. But he definitely needs to get his liver function tested. Cirrhosis is another one of those things that are treatable, but not curable. And as his liver fails, drinking the same amount he is now used to is going to have more serious effects on him.

Make sure you keep seeing your counselor, and stay active here in the forum, there are social forums here where you can just chit-chat as well as getting help along the way.
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Cheryl, I definitely feel for you and your situation.

My ex-fiancée and I split in 2008 because his drinking was getting excessive. I'm talking 80 proof Vodka ALL THE TIME! After 5 years, I visited him recently. It was AWFUL! (No--there was NO ROMANCE). Upon my arrival, he was DRUNK! I, also, monitored his drinking. He goes through a 1.75ltr of Vodka A DAY! He comes home for lunch, and he does not eat. However, he paces the floor and his hands are shaking. I realized that since I was there visiting, he probably couldn't pour a DRINK since I believe this is the reason he comes home for lunch. He speaks incredibly fast; he can not remember things that has taken place the day before or days before, and he admits it. He is nervous; jittery; excitable and arguementative. His job has moved him 3 times in 3 years. Now, his new boss is complaining about him because he does NOT complete his duties (according to him). His lower legs are swelling when he removes his socks. He eats salt and fat like its going out of style. I told him he wouldn't see 67 if he continued this route; he is 63. He doesn't care. I couldn't stand to be around him. I won't mention the fact that he didn't shower for 5 days and was in and out of consciousness the first 5 days I was there. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, he has been drinking for over 40 years. It is HIS way of life, and he will argue with you that HE DOES NOT HAVE A PROBLEM! So, I don't look for him to enjoy his retirement. His liver is hurting; he has major sweats, nausea, nightmares, diarrhea, etc. Unfortunately, no one will intervene, and it is NONE of my business.
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I will also add that I just had a cousin pass away from Alcoholism in April of this year. He drank Whiskey for about 25 years; it finally done him in. I was there seeing him die after the surgeons tried to operate and repair the damage to his stomach, esophagus, spleen and colon. His liver, they said, was nothing anymore. He died a week later after surgery. Alcohol may be fun at first, but it can get a hold of you FAST if you continue "pleasure drinking." Social drinking once in a while is one thing, but when you bring it home consistently, there will be problems.
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I'm in the same boat as the others and at wit's end. I have filed for legal  separation because my husband he refuse to go to the doctor, get help about the drinking. I see a growth bulging from his liver area and he still continues to drink a liter a day of Vodka. He has lose so much weight he is skinny it take time for his arm to heal after the dog play rough and  breaks his skin. It like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome and I am all cried out.  I do feel I will have to take care of him because his family lives in a different state...rarely calls  and when he calls them it's always the surface talk never the hard core conversation about his drinking...What's going on in his body I ask myself? when he is feeling sick like throwing up, stomach problem. He take antacid until he feels better to start drinking again and I am afraid the way he is drinking its as if he wants to die.
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It sounds as if he does want to die!You have a very long,difficult frustrating road ahead of you if you CHOOSE to continue to be recipient of the ravages of late stage alcoholism.Have you considered going to an Al-Anon meeting?
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Your initial question:

Is 1 liter a day a lot for alcoholics?


1 liter of vodka a day is a lot for ANY body; Yours, Mine, His - ALL of us, Each and Every body.

The body of EVERY one reacts when it is being poisoned and alcohol IS a poison.  Given enough over an extended period,  alcohol will/does kill  - and most often creates a lot of damage to the alcoholic and those who love them long before death occurs..

Rarely does an alcoholic die quickly and suddenly.  Rather alcohol maims and cripples and dumps all kinds of suffering on ALL Family members BEFORE it kills the alcoholic.  If He WON'T seek help for HimSelf You should seek it for YourSelf.  

ibizan is absolutely correct in advising that You have a Very Long, Difficult, Frustating Road Ahead Of You!!

It's good You are in counseling, Al-Anon is good too

Good Luck To You
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it will take him  eventually ; had a father in law die of liver disease ; was inevitable and he knew it but refused to stop ; some would rather drink  and die
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I've been a fifth a day man for 30 years. 6/2 and 225 and fairly hard worker @ 58. The other day I felt bad. Real bad. Pains in my side. mega burping so off to the doc. She did an ultrasound and found spastic colon and complete fatty liver without 'fiubrosis" and told me QUIT. Yea right. 30(closer to 40) years and turn off the switch. She hooked me up with some blood tests and 100 Xanax. I havent had a drop in 21 days as of 10 am tomorrow. The xanax is gone but I'm fine other than some difficulty sleeping. No more blood pressure meds. Saw a dietician whjo set me up with something like pritican. Headed in for some repeat blood work. 21 days ago. ttl chol 342. Hdl 48 Ldl 241 tri 128.
We'll see. Dic said the fatty liver might almost disappear in a month. I'll find out in a couple of weeks on that.
Wish me luck.
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Fatty liver takes years in the making and doesn't disappear in a month!
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My husband drinks a bottle of vodka every night and he is type 1 diabetes....This must be doing serious harm ? And tonite he has drank a litre bottle?
Please can anyone advise?

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How can I tell my husbands doctor that he drinks a bottle of vodka every day? We do not have the same practice?
I know my husband lies to the doctor but what can I do?
And he is type 1 diabetes.
Regards joanna
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It may be that in some cases finding hobbies together that do not coincide with drinking or that are not associated with it at all may help. Alcoholism in some cases might be a way to relieve the stress of the day to day grind or like an enhancement for life in general so if another enhancement or stress reliever were presented it may serve to curb the drinking. If you have not already, letting him know that you would like to have him around for as long as possible might be a panacea.
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I'm 25 and I can drink a bottle of vodka in 2  days. How bad can it become to me, if I keep this?
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I would say anyone that needs a drink every day, you are an alcoholic and need help.  I challenge you to quit for a month if you feel otherwise.  The sooner you get treatment, the more likely you will be successful and avoid serious health issues.  My brother was an alcoholic who drank 1.75 liters of scotch whiskey or vodka a day.  It started gradually and got worse as the years went by.  The signs were there but the family ignored it because he was very smart, had a good job and made a lot of money.  We had him in extended treatment in the VA two times.  First time no success, second time success for about 1-1/2 years.  We tried very hard to help him in every way possible.  He past away last November still drinking, having multiple health problems and penniless.  It was very sad to see as he had everything anyone could want including a terrific family.    
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I was the one who originally started this thread with my husband drinking a liter a day of vodka.  He ended up with severe stomach bleeds and needed a blood transfusion and then surgery. I divorced him in 2015.  Hes still alive, I dont know how but he looks terrible. At 62 he looks 80.  Alcohol will kill.  Since I wrote on this board in 2009 I lost my brother to alcohol as well. Caused him heart failure.  Thank you everyone for responding to my post.  I encourage any of you who drink to do all you CAN to stop and never look back. You only have ONE LIFE here on earth.  God bless you all.  
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That is a **** ton of booze and very dangerous to stop abruptly. I would have him get an exceptional life insurance policy before the alcohol abuse gets on a medical record. Then I would have a heart to heart talk with him about stopping the alcohol use with medications such as Valium from his doctor. Don’t tell him “he must stop or else “ Because he won’t be receptive. Instead, try saying “ It hurts me to see you like this because...” which will get him to listen if he feels he is hurting others and not just himself. Drinking and drug abuse are just a symptom of a much deeper problem that is within the person. An example would be something horrible happened as a child and never got dealt with or maybe someone is a shady businessman and feels guilty about predatory tactics used to rip off unsuspecting customers ect ect., but whatever the reason, it needs to be dealt with and overcome, which will in turn alleviate the substance abuse, when true peace is found within. However one decides to go about doing it. Also, if nothing works, and he refuses to deal with the problem, then you can get medication from your own doctor that makes people get nauseous and sick when it’s taken with alcohol. You can then put it in the bottle of vodka when he’s passed out and then every time he drinks, he will get violently ill, thus making him Like pavlovs dogs, associating drinking with getting sick. Eventually he will realize that the alcohol is undesirable and give it up. Best of luck
hey Hughrection6060, you know your stuff.  Thanks for this input.  Hope you return to help us here.  
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