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I was up to 700-700ml vodka/day x several months, why didn’t I have DTs?

I’m 59 and did 28 years in the military.  I’m a sailor and partied like one. Then in 2013 thru 2017 I stayed totally sober due to promotion and transfer and added responsibilities.  Back then I was only up to half a fifth every day w/ a couple beer kickers.  I retired in 2015 and in 2017 made the mistake of sneaking some wine brought in by family members staying over.  Wow, that’s all it took, I went from sneaking a box of wine in the garage, to a half pint of vodka to a pint, and by 2019 was going straight to a 750.  I drank 600-700 ml of vodka through half of 2019 and all of 2020.  In Nov2020 my Dr found I had high BP.  I told him of some chest pains so he also referred me to a cardiologist.  After stress tests and ultrasounds, etc, I’m now on two BP meds, cholesterol meds and low dose aspirin.  I know all the meds might not be necessary; the cardiologist told me all the booze is not letting my liver break down the meds so I can absorb them.  So I haven’t drank since Dec 31st 2020.  I had a couple sleepless nights and a mild headache and mild body aches, but nothing like the withdrawals I heard horror stories about.
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Feb 20th, 2021, and at work on my 51st day of sobriety. I crave, but it doesn’t have to be booze.  Instead  of dedicating all that time in planning and executing my drinking actions, I pass the time planning, shopping for, preparing and eating very cool meals. My wife digs it! Also I fill some of the physical craving with deserts... carrot cake, chocolate cream pie, Blue Bell ice cream.  I’m still a net loss in the weight dept, so the positive outcomes are surpassing the different risk factors.  

I tell you, life is way better when you can sleep well, think straight and make rational decisions.  
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Man, I didn't get back to you soon enough.  I love that.  Your wife benefits while you recover.  I think a cooking obsession is not a bad one to have.  What type of cuisine do you specialize in?  I have to keep it simple or I fall apart in the kitchen.  I also am trying to be healthier.  I think there are some forums here where people talk about food. Also diet and exercise.  I need to check those out!  
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Well, wow.  Awesome job.  It's not that easy for everyone to go cold turkey, for sure.  Do you have cravings?  How do you get past those?  I would guess that staying alive with the heart related health issues is motivating to stay clean but some just can't do it.  I'm sure glad you are doing well.  Have you replaced the liquor with anything else?
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For the most part, I never got hangovers and although I was drinking almost a 750 of vodka per day, I didn’t have many withdrawal issues.  Mild body aches and a slight headache and some sleepless nights.  I do get an urge when triggered by an event or place formerly associated w/ the booze.  I read a lot of sober forums and blogs and work a full time job.  Also been doing some minor projects around the house.  Since the alcohol is gone, I eat very good. Lots of oat cereal & fruit for breakfast, salads pasta, rice and meats. Even with my voracious appetites I’ve went from 238 to 230 since 01/01/2021. Besides poisoning the liver, all that ethanol turns straight into bad fats.  My cholesterol is down to 129 and my BP is 115/65.  
That is really fantastic.  I really should work on my weight plan!  You are very inspiring.  Do you exercise too?  
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Hello, OP here.  I’m at the end of day 8 and still dry.  I can sure think and act more quickly at work now. I wanted to thank all the folks who posted here, all the back to 2008.  I feel for the husbands who were in such a bad way, but the stories really do inspire me to abstain.  
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Hi, OP again.  Either this is a dead forum or folks think I’m bu!!shi!!ing.  Well, I’m at the end of day 12 and all is well, so far.  Today I swung thru a small town to hit the post office and it brought me by one of the stores I would pick up 2 for $5 half pints (200 ml) to get started for the day.  I thought about the lecture I watched today on YouTube about how ethanol is processed by the liver and easily drove tight by.  Here in LA every convenience store/gas stop sells liquor, Stop n Go, 7-11, even the Supermarkets sell liquor.  Healthfully.com is another good site.
I’m laying in the rack at the conclusion of my 31st day. So I guess I’m at a month as well. I wish I would have done this decades ago. I went sober for 4 years in 2013 at age 52 and in 2017 at 56, I thought I had it beat and tried a bit of wine. Huge mistake! Well here I am almost 4 years later at 59 and this time I’m gonna make it work. Hang in there and remember, there ain’t any such thing as social drinking for folks like us.
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