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Is this an alcohol allergy and can I outgrow this?

I've only been able to drink 3 times in my life because I keep getting the same exact reactions every time I drink alcohol. A few hours after drinking, my skin gets so red, flushed, and swelled. My temperature increases as well and I get chills at night and I also end up shivering even when I'm covered in a thick blanket. The next day, right after drinking alcohol, my body itches. It itches so bad and it lasts up to 5 days, and it's a different kind of itch. I can actually differentiate the type of itchiness you get from a mosquito bite and from this one -- and this is WAY worse. I take antihistamine and I also put calamine on my body to reduce the itchiness. Will this ever go away?
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Doesn't sound like it!
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No it wont.  I wouldnt drink anymore and risk it.
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Count Your Blessings !!  You're one of the lucky few !!  Your body is sending You a message.  Our bodies know that alcohol is detrimental to our good health.  Most people don't get this 'message' (or listen to the message(s) until they have become addicted - and many don't 'listen' then!!  Many continue to drink until They have developed life threatening issues - and many still don't listen then !!  Long term, over use of alcohol will kill You - before that it will destroy relationships and cost You jobs, career, etc.  This I know is true !!  To answer Your original question :  There is no way to 'outgrow' the affects alcohol has on the human body - You can 'deny' the affects to YourSelf but the 'affects' are taking place whether You know it or not.  Again I say : Count Your Blessings !!
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