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Life expectancy after Ascites treated with large volume paracentesis Due to cirrhosis caused by alcoholism With continued heavy drinking.?

I can not talk to my dad's doctor confidentiality has not been granted.
It's in a way selfish since my dad does not want me to know he is dying.
I can not help to wonder just how much longer is he going to be around?
He lives on a different continent I can not travel right now.
It felt as if he was saying farewell last time he visited me and was preparing me
for his departure.
I can not find any info on people that continue to drink after having 13L of Ascites
fluid drained (that was brown) from the presence of Hyperbilirubinemia in the fluid.
Is that a secondary infection or just liver not functioning?
I read so much lately forget if I found a reference for it and where.
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we r not doctors here...and someone would have to post...if their still alive..with the condition ur describing.Sounds like some very heavy organ damage and brain changes from all the alcohol...wherever u r u need to check out some Al-Anon for urself...ur father has chosen his fate...and frustratingly so there isn't a thing u can do about it.Helpless is a feeling none of us like!i hope u have a good support system...and some good family to help u thru this.....prayers for u my dear!:)
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Thanks for your sympathy,I was just thinking someone perhaps had a relative with similar symptoms.
I basically read most that will come up on searches in google.
Most statistics available online gives a person 2 years max in this condition.
None of the studies I have read differentiates between people who continue to drink
after a massive asciates just a brief reference on a UK website that put it to 2 - 10 months.
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i would think that each person has a different immune system...like ppl who die from this present virulent flu strain..that did not come directly from hogs......have weakened immune systems predisposing them to a quicker demise.Another factor that i have seen happen with ppl is that they have a diagnosed health problem with a compromised immune system and can die from another undetected/undiagnosed health issue lurking in the body that may have been caused or exacerbated by the present illness.Such a roll of the dice here!Time will tell!Sad and tragic that your father...that any person lets the drinking get this far out of hand!
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