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Liver concern

I am 51 years of age, I have been a steady 2 stone over weight for 15 years or so, I feel mainly good and well, I eat good food on a regular basis, I have been a boozer all my life I don't get hangovers I drink 8 cans of Strongbow most days sometimes more sometimes less, Will my liver suddenly explode ?
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It's most likely best to talk with you doctor and get some blood work test done and answer the question of how your liver is going.

Also you might want to look at why you are drinking 8 or more strongbows or others ? continuing with this type of drinking is not good for you body liver included.

Keep us updated :)
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i have never heard of someone's liver suddenly exploding, but it sounds like you need to stop drinking.  once you develop cirrhosis of the liver it is irreversible and a very painful death.
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