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Liver problems???

I am dating a severe alcoholic.  He drinks a regular sized bottle of vodka every day.  A friend of ours told me that these red spots on his face are lesions due to his liver not working properly.  I have looked on line, but I haven't found any information on that. Sometimes they are just really red and sometimes they get really dry and flakey.  I know that the red spots go away when he doesn't drink for a few days, but as soon as he starts again...they come right back.  Does anyone have any information on this?

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Definate sign of the alcohol and liver problems.  He is slowly killing himself and you will be able to nothing but watch unless he decides to quit.  How long have you dated this guy?  It really is sad I know but I hope you understand that you can do nothing for him.  Well actually you can enable him and subject yourself to a ton of pain.  It is so very sad and I am one of those who think alcohol is no different if not worse than any other substance people abuse except is it legal.  Can you imagine that is leagl to destroy yourself along with your family and friends who love and the access to it is right down the street on every corner.  Best of luck to you!
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Thanks for your message.  I have been with him for a year and a half.  I have been looking all of the internet for hours trying hard to find some documentation that will tell me that the red spots are directly linked to his liver and I can't find anything.  Do you have any specific information or references that you can tell me about?  How do you know specifically that it's a sign?  Deep down, in my heart of hearts...I know I can't do anything to save him.  I want to...but I know it's up to him.  I want to find out some concrete information about the spots so that I can talk to him...then if that fails(again) I will talk to his parents.  This is my last attempt before I have to throw in the towel and move on with my life.  So...any information would be so appreciated!
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I'm a google nut, so I came out of lurking mode to see if I can find anything:
I think the key word may be: Spider angiomas (try googling that along with "alcoholic cirrhosis" and that should get results)


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wow that second site is so good...so much info...the first one was such a sad story...thanks a lot...i hope a lot of folks read these......billy
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You're welcome. I had fun googling. I hope the links don't get cleaned out by the medhelp staff...
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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and research for me. I sincerely appreciate that.  I had found talk of the spider angiomas, but I am not sure that's what is on his face.  It isn't spider like as much as patchy(if that makes any sense.)  I found that article to be very helpful though.  I had not found that in my researching and I thank you for sending that to me.  It really inspired me to do what I can and live in reality.  Thank You!
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My guess is from skimming over the articles that the patches are spider angiomas (I think you described them as red and the articles described the spiders as red. I don't know if they have to be spider like or not.

Copy and paste what I have below into an open browser window with google.com loaded. This will go into the search field:

red spots, liver disease "alcoholic cirrhosis"

This will get you about 1000 results, some may be repeats and some may be dry...

You can try this as well:

red spots +  "liver disease"

That will get you over 200,000 results. I'm sure there must be several good results in there if you're willing to slog through all the "O's)

I got a number of results using this but I couldn't look through all of them nor post them.
When you use "" that makes google have to include that term with the results.  Just a tip I learned from having to use google extensivly for other research purposes. ;)
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Here's a picture of a Spider angioma
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Thanks to everyone for all of your time and advice.  I talked to him last night about everything and he's going to make a doctor's appointment.  I will let you know how things go.  Thanks for your support...

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Hi there...

Just wanted to let you all know that my boyfriend has been sober for 9 days now.  He is going through an outpatient program. His liver isn't good...but it's not the worst either.  We are taking things one day at a time...but he is doing so well and I think I am still in shock!  I really never thought this day would come.  Thanks to each of you again...I really appreciate your help.

Take Care!
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I'm glad to hear your update. I hope everything goes well and things only continue to get better.
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Sounded like you were describing Rosaciea.
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Hi Josh, not sure where you are hun, but so happy he is getting medical help.  AA is a great place full of ppl that are just like him.  You can go with him too, keep the positives happening in his life and he can change life around...

I know hun,
a recovering alcoholic
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