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My husband drinking every day - and now hides the bottle so I can't find it?

My husband has been drinking heavily for 3 years - was vodka, then wine and now back to vodka.  If I even mention the word "Vodka" he gets upset and turns it around on me - that starts an argument.  Its sad we have never fought only over his drinking.  He becomes a different man, he is not mean - his mouth just starts running away and crazy crap just falls out and then he can't remember what he said.  He does go to work for a few hours and I am sure he is drinking - he keeps it in his truck - constantly going and taking swigs of vodka by noon he is pretty loopy - his eyes are all glassed over and its hard to have a conversation with him.  Tonight he came home around six and said he was exhausted - I could tell he had been drinking half the day - came home changed and went to bed , he doesn't want to eat he would rather drink. His children know whats going on, only due to conversations with them.  I am not going to lie to them , so I've kept them up on what going on.  I'm worry that I am gonna get so tired and fed up and decide to leave.  I love him more then life.  He has been my life, my sole mate, my rock and my love.  How do I keep from being mad about this daily , I need to help him, but he says he can do this.  Guess what it has not happened  - so now do I just help my self and if so How????
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Good that you are honest with your children,Kids are sponges,they absorb ALL and KNOW whats going on!I urge you to find a good counselor who is licensed in substance abuse counseling.They do provide support to family members.Also to find and try some Al-Anon meetings for yourself in your area.Perhaps is Al-Ateen is available. The kids may want to attend that!Please keep us posted here of what you decide to do!
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I have been where you are for years. I love my husband dearly and would do anything i could to help him get better. My husband has been a heavy vodka drinker for 15 years. April 2 years ago he went to the hospital with a inflamed liver. That july he had a heart attach. November the same year ended up at the hospital again with kidney problems. My husband got to where he missed a lot of work this last year. Then January of this year my husband was fired from his job of 10 years. My emotions have gone from 1 to 10 so much these last couple years. I dont know how we have made it..other than Our 4 kids all young adults have been our best supporters. My husband has been trying to quit cold turkey...it has been the scariest couple of months of our lives. He's been though all the withdrawals and then slip up and have another drink...then we go though it all again. My husband wants to quit so bad. I can see it..he really does. All I've been ables to do is be Patient. I have to remind myself I'm not the only one fighting this battle. It has to be the hardest thing my husband has ever tried to do. So i guess my advice is don't give up on the one you love...he's worth the battle.
Sorry i don't know why it kept posting the "'  in my post
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