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Would like to know if anyone here has tried naltrexone and how it was used (doseage).
Did it work for you with craving?
Thank you for any information.  :)

Ella                                        opiate free 2-16-09
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there have been many here who have used that for alcohol withdrawal and keeping craving free!some with Campral......many opiate addicts seem to do well on Suboxone combined with a changed lifestyle and a support group...different meds work diff on diff folks...i take it u r considering this?what is ur drug of choice?
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Hi and thank you for your reply.     This is my third day taking Naltrexone and this a.m. I took 1/2 tablet only because I woke up with a headache! and I never do that.

  I detoxed from opiates ( lortab )  in February and have been clean since then,  the only thing that has really bothered me about staying clean has been the cravings along with very little energy.  I have searched the web for anything to help with those symptoms and Naltrexone seemed to be worth a try.  Just wanting some input from others who have used it succesfully for their w/d aftercare.  I do understand that the dosage is the same for alcohol and drug.  Thursday and Friday I took a whole (50mg) tablet,  just brief nausea, passes quickly, other than that I have very little side effects from a whole tablet,  this a.m. ,because of the headache , I decided to take half.   I was really surprised that my Dr. let me have the Naltrexone,  after explaining to him that I wanted to try it for the cravings ect, he seemed to think that instead of the LDN that I was considering doing,  that I should maybe just use the whole tablet daily.  He really didn't seem to think it would be too awfully helpful to me at the low dose and perhaps the whole tablet either.  So far I am carve-free,  my hopes for that are being a reality now,  hope the nrgy comes back,  still in this journey, after 4 mos.  but I  am glad to be in recovery!   I am a chronic pain patient, got to where I needed more and more of the Loras to work for me,  so I made the decision to detox and with the help of my dr. and some Clonidine and a few tranzene,  I have made it this far.  

Thank you again for your reply.  and Best wishes to everyone!

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i ahve been sober/clean myself for 25 years...dayjob is substance abuse counselor....we have MANY heroin and opiate addicts in our agency who do well on the Suboxone....they tell us it tastes horrible but does work wonders......hope ur side effects r done soon and if not maybe try the suboxone?up to ur doctor!the energy will return......takes awhile for ur brain opiate receptors to return to a normal state....whatever normal is!:)i think a cycle on washing machine????:)
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Thanks for your post,  my gosh I am really glad that this site has such great success storys!!   I had thought abt. the sub. but was just wanting something that I wouldn't have to tapper-off of and then to have to go in and be put on a wait list! wow.  

  My phychiatrist is the Dr; who let me have the Naltrexone.  He has really helped me with my detox in February, with the clonidine. and when I go in abt. how my prescriptions are working, he is really concerned (or seems to be ) abt. how I am mentaly and physicaly.    My husband drinks, always has and prob always will.  He will never go to a Dr. says that sometimes they cause more harm than good.  I can understand that but my Dr. has helped me.  Perhaps I can help my husband someday.  As we all know ,,,  you have to do this for yourself,  you have to be determined and persistant with your quit.  
From your post, I can tell that you are good at what you do,  those you council and fortunate indeed!
Ella     P.S.  So far the Naltrexone seems to be working for me, a bit of nausea but it comes and goes.  No nrg as yet but no cravings either :)
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So good to hear from u!Sounds like u have a very good doctor and it sounds like ur meds are working for u!thank u for the counselor compliments.....i tell my ppl i am nothing more than a guide...a mentor...i know what it takes to heal from addiction in all spheres i do practice what i preach...i cannot help them unless they r willing 2 help themselves!And i go the xtra mile for those that do......the rest......like ur hub....when they get ready we r there for them!Your hub has to want to join u in the recovery journey....do u have children?
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Hi E,

Say, how's your energy level? Do you think the Naltrexone is making a difference in that way? The low dose may not help with cravings, but I can tell you that it has done wonders for my mental clarity and today I woke up feeling like I actually slept! Huge improvement.
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