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NNecessary that we swat flies for our sanity in sobriety

Well here it is ladies,that other one was getting way 2 long!On ur marks get set go!
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Dare I guess what UR referring 2? Could it B the garbage on the curb?
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phartist commented that someone she thought was a friend trashed her in another forum.....and i commented that i was told years ago by a wise man in this life u will find that some ppl are like flies...they eat poop...(well we know what they REALLY eat but medhelp would delete it....)and pester others!so that leaves us to get out our fly swatters!:)
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I have to go to wk...jist finished a burger on the grill at home! I am full and would much rather take a nap..better yet stay home and float in the pool!!!! BUTT oops...Gotta go make the subs! Ibi thought U were reffering to  someone who U told to put a twist tie on and take it to the curb! Anyhoo I will B back round 10 or so and may log on to C whatup!!!! Ya'll take care and LUV 1 another....WE R all HUMAN and make boo-boo's even in our words and posts! We would all like 2 think we know it all but remember who really does!!!! SEE'Ya"s Later Terry (PS I wish they would let me have a swatter at wk. sometimes there are real fly's around!!!) Peace ladies!!!!
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phartist and I have been having a conflict. It's sad how it broke out. I'm sorry she felt I trashed her.
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Gees MJ, Who needed you to post that.  That is between us and who says what I was talking about to iziban has anything to do with you?

Great day today girls.  Went to the festival at the shore.  Music, vendors, and saw my future daughter in law.  I was just about in tears seeing how hard she works.  That girl is the heartbeat of everything going on down in the shore town.  Walkie talkies, posters with her e-mail for contacts to get info on events, she is hooked up.  No wonder she is incommunicato.  Got to hug her, tell her I miss her.  

Migraine all day.........gonna go chill.  You my girls, ttyl.
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girls girls!!!!!i just made that staement in general for i have a dry sometimes caustic wit.....i don't know any specifics and don't really want too.......that saying is helpful to me if i get to overly sensitive to something someone has said or someone who rubs me the wrong way....and it sure happens at work a lot.......like Al Franken said as Stuart Smalley on SNL years ago...name it claim it dump it!
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Here's a cool song I find fitting.  If anyone wants the song, you can pm me with your email and I can send it.

You can play a sample on the net with lesser quality accoustics. Someone must have uploaded a recording from a live performance. (the actual CD version sounds much better)
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Good morning babes, Sunday, and a beautiful one at that.  This is Rockin Sunday here at the shore.  Too many bands at the festival today to name.  Bruce hasn't shown up yet, or John Bon Jovi.  The both live around here.  They pop up to jam every once in a while.  Bruce has the same floor guy as I do.  Hes in the program too, the floor guy.  :0)  Queen Latifa goes by on her motorcycle, only saw her once.  She lives three towns over.

I met Bruces band member, ya know the guy that was in the HBO show about the Italian family. I did an art show with a friend. She is friends with his wife.  Rick Springfield waited in the Dr. office for his grandmother with me.  haha funny, Six degrees of seperation.
( I have fibro fog, its real, can't remember things, brains foggy.  Names elude me like the hbo show and the guys name) I remember talking with him, his wife and my friend, what we were wearing etc. no names.  Lights are on, nobodies home, hahaha I'm use to it.

Oh, my friends tent with the butterflies was awesome!!!  The beautiful thing was to see children having butterflies on their little hands and their faces light up !

My Hubby liked the music, I shopped a little.  

About today, I think I will stay home and chill.  I think its wise not to run myself down.  Still have the headache.  Its a neuralgia that comes with the FM.  Just gonna chill.  

I'm in a good space girls, God is good.  
How you all doin?
ta ta
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Off 4 the next 3 days..PHEW! Last wks sched. really messed me up! A bit concerned about this storm,,My Son,girlfriend and MY GRANDBABY (who I have not seen) R there. So is the Ex butt oops, I meant but he and his can take care of selves. They all live in Key West so they R getting the effects now. MOMS worry....I know they'll B OK I lived there 16 yrs. saw a lot of storms come thru and lived on a sailboat to boot! Just waiting 4 a call to let me know everyones prepared and OK.. Standing by maiteys.. hoist me a message! Just hanging out on the poopdeck lololol Terry
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Hi there.  Oh i can only imagine since i have never been in or near a hurricane, that you are a worried Mom and Grandma right now.  It might knock phone lines down so don't worry too much if you don't get a call right away.  Watch the weather station.  
I want to get a relaxation, meditation type cd.  I looked on Amazon, but so many to choose from.  Sure wish i could listen to a few.  I know when i do that type of relaxation and breathing technique at my therapists and she talks and plays soft music through it, it sure does help with anxiety and i think something like that would be good to go to sleep too also.  
I am so down right now because of my Mom.  I know she isn't herself, but it still hurts that she is mad at me.  I found out from the nurse today that the psych doc did tell her his diagnosis, alzheimers.  She told him, so you think i'm crazy?   He said no and explained and then the nurse said she heard mom tell others in there He thinks i'm crazy.  But, she has forgotten all of that by now probably.  Oh Lord one day at a time.
Hang in there Maitey!  I'll be praying that your kids are safe and you hear from them soon.  Hugs, Tonya
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ur mom isn't really angry with u dear....she's upset with life ageing and when protein plaques start attacking the brain tissue which is what happens with Alz it is the damn cycle of life/ageing.Remember Estelle Getty?the cranky hilarious mom on golden girls?she died of the same disease my mom has- Lewy Body Dementia which is a form of Alz.This will make u muster ur mental sobriety muscles as it has mine.and bandida..like the hurricane said to the coconut tree.....hold on2 ur nuts....this ain't gonna be no ordinary blow job!yuck yuck yuck!
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Just woke up from a little siesta isn't that what days off R 4 ? TJack ibi's right what your Mom is saying and doing and the way she is behaving is NOT directed toward U. I can not imagine how difficult this is  4 U and how U need to D-stress. I bet Ibi would agree w/me since we are Leos that a cat is such a relaxing friend, if I could part with my Oreo I would send him 2 U! They R so funny,users lovers,purrers talkers....etc But to pet them and listen 2 them is verry comforting. Not to mention they R also very mood sensitive and connect w/ya when ur feeling poopy. Oreo says Meow 2 U! AJ well he's a different story. Just trying to cheer U up a bit. I'm really not too too worried about the weather and storm it's raining here right now and very humid,thats what hurricanes do. Phonelines schmolines he does not call me in good weather so I'm not holding my breath. I could always call the EX ...that would be interesting....Hey honey has the boat sunk yet? Get UR Dinghy ready!
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