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I was a heavy beer drinker and stopped totally a week and a half ago. feel great in ways. Im losing weight, taking vitamins and eating healthy. How long does the insomnia last? My Dr prescribed me ativan. I only take it at bedtime now and it helps alittle. Also sometimes I feel so anxious. I need to improve my health. Have a grandbaby coming :) going to make a Dr apt tomorrow for a complete physical and lab work. Also want to quit smoking  any advice?
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Congratulations on your newfound sobriety! Glad your feeling well. As for the insomnia, it will soon work itself out depending on how long you were drinking. The anxiety goes with the territory and shouldn't last too long. Have you looked up Ativan or has your Doctor or pharmacist informed you about it? Read the information sheet. Be careful. If you take it for a lengthy period of time it produces withdrawal symptoms when you decide to quit it, and the withdrawal insomnia is very serious and not easy to recover from. Ativan helps with anxiety, but produces rebound anxiety when a patient goes through the quitting process and withdraws from it. Not to go against your doctor, but learn everything you can about your prescriptions and ask questions. I quit smoking the year before I quit drinking in 1982. As for you, one major hurtle at a time. Smoking is a host of little habits and it requires effort to get used to not smoking anymore! I'd get not drinking down pat first and when you're comfortable, then jump that last hurtle. You're turning your life around. This is great!

I just rolled with the punches when I gave up alcohol and soon I was sleeping drug and alcohol free. I first tried to cut down and hated to take just a couple of drinks, one made me want more, so I stopped it all together and joined AA. I found my own thinking couldn't fix my own thinking. I've had success at listening to others who have walked in my shoes. Stopping is an event, recovery is a process. Holly, don't do this alone. Stay on here, also get into the aftercare program of your choice. Make sure to get all the help you can as you go through the recovery process. Congratulations on making the decision to get your life back!
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