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Raised Bilirubin levels otherwise normal LFT..Worried!!

Hi all, I am a 36 year old male in good health & feeling well. I have been drinking quite heavily since I was around 18. I have quit for periods of months on several occasions. This June I decided to quit again. I had a liver function test & everything came back as normal except my Bilirubin which was 26 umol/l (normal 0-23 umol/l) I quit drinking & had another blood test a month later & it was still 26 umol/l. I was told that this should probably go down on my next blood test. I was scheduled to have a blood test in another month & stupidly 3 days before I had the blood test I had 3 days of drinking, about 20 units of Alcohol a day. I have just had a call from my doctor saying my Bilirubin has risen to 36 umol/l. I feel well, no yellowing of the skin or eyes although I feel a little tired at times. Should I be concerned? Also I am taking Disulfiram to help me quit drinking. Thanks.
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YES U SHOULD BE CONCERNED!Disulfiram aka Antabuse is a relatively worthless drug...first of all a pill alone will not make you stop drinking.If you want to drink you just don't take it!It has a poor track record statistically speaking over the years and 2 side effects men hate,erectile dysfunction and onion breath.The fact that u drank the amount u noted the day b4 your blood test is indicative of a serious alcohol problem.Have you ever considered not drinking?
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Hi Ibizan & thanks for your reply. I have stopped drinking before the last time was for 7 months but unfortunately i started again. I have not had a drink for almost 2 weeks now & i do not intend to have another drink ever again.
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Its difficult my friend.
I too was an on again off again drinker, much of my adult life.
For me it took a catalyzing event to permanently stop, when life was in clear and present danger – and perspective.

I hope you can continue your sobriety, and be the master of your own change.
Good luck!
Reach out!
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EVER again is a long time dear!Do you have a sober support system?family?What @ a support group?I used to keep in contact w/a fellow friend in sobriety from the UK.I recall her telling me she attended a Rational Recovery Support Group 2x a week?i know that 12 step meetings are not for everyone.I would not have achieved 31 years sober/clean minus the guidance and support of ppl w/solid recovery within the rooms.And i could tell who they were and who was just blowing hot air and go drink after a meeting, or who was court ordered to attend!Please-get yourself out of the thought that you will never drink again!thats too BIG!the difficulty isn't really in stopping,its staying stopped for life always throws us boomerangs and its these things that can make it easy to pick up the first one in a split second.I still LOVE one hour at a time,one day at a time.Helps to not overwhelm this mind that too often is thinking ahead and not in the moment!
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